AWI Announces 2286 and Stacee join its staff
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Active Worlds announces that it has 2 new members of staff joining its ranks; 2286 and Stacee.

Also joining the team are Facter and Gand.

[quote=Newsletter]As many of you have noticed from the signs all over AW and links on the web site -, Inc. is hiring :) In the last few weeks we've welcomed several new people to our happy little family, and now we'd like to introduce them to you!

New to Active Worlds - so be gentle with them ;) are:
2286 and Stacee!

In addition, we've been lucky enough to lure in a couple of AW's famous citizens into the fold as well!

We're pleased to announce that everyone's favourite, good ole Facter has come all the way from Australia to join our Tech Support Department! And gand - creator of awesome worlds like Bugs has signed up to help us create some really cool content! [/quote]


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