BOTM Jul 00 - Magsbot (Magine)
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The bot of the month for July 2000 is Magsbot, by Magine. Magsbot is one of the most powerful bots in Active Worlds, and features the largest scripting language of any bot.

[quote=Magine]Magine's bot has been around for quite a long time - it is one of the earlier "general purpose" bots - so it has had time to mature and develop its feature set. Below, Magsbot, as described by Magine:

The intention behind Magsbot was to make an expandable, all-purpose bot that could be easily programmed for whatever behavior the user had in mind. While this is possible with several of the popular bots out there, I feel that MB is easier to use since behaviors can be quickly tested and changed "on the fly" without having to reload an entire script and restart...sort of a "bot interpreter.".

The basic functionality is built-in, so you only need to write small snippets of instructions rather than a whole script. If you just want a chat bot, seed bot or survey bot, those capabilities are already there too.[/quote]


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