The Citizen Historian Team
Written by Mark Randall
We are glad to announce that we will be working with Bach Zhaa to create a citizen historian team, capable of chronicling citizen histories.
With historic information on citizens spread throughout wikis, different websites, and some of it kept in world, the May community meeting discussed the possibility of creating a central location for storing the history of citizens, new and old.

With an existing database and easy user interface, awportals volunteered to add additional features to allow profiles to be edited by a dedicated team of trusted historians lead by Bach Zhaa.

This team will be allowed to place additional information upon a citizens profile in the event that they are no longer around to update their own, such as in the case of citizens that are deceased, or otherwise no longer playing AW.

Furthermore, this information will be available to export via API, ensuring that it remains always available.

You can see the historian team here:

If you would like to join please contact Bach Zhaa.

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