Major Hunts, Coming Soon!
Written by Mark Randall
Great news on the event front as several worlds vie to host large hunts of their own.

Following on from the Hotep's Golden Eggs quest at the alphaworld AWExpo landing point, several worlds have expressed desires to host their own, much larger hunts in their chosen worlds, and will be offering prizes and rewards to those that find the most.

The objective is to find as many of the collectibles as possible, with some planned to have thousands! You don't need to collect them all, just be the person to collect the most.

Stayjit, owner of Singalot, will be hosting Coin Hunt:

Genevieve will also be hosting an event in her world to celebrate the anniversary, possibly including cash prizes for the top 3 hunters!

Be sure to keep up to date by using the AWPortals Events Calendar @

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