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I'm glad to announce that after a re-write that took up most of my evenings this week, the Awportals events calendar is back online and ready to accept listings from event planners.

I've tried to give it a tidy UI for people to browse, with list and calendar views, and a quick way for people to get their event data into the system and begin promoting it.
In addition, the system will automatically build promotional material for your events, including formatted billboards which will include a picture you set, example here:

What's in it for event organizers? On top of having all the events listed in a single place, I'm building in powerful tools to support your promotion, such as optional reminder emails 2 hours before it's due to begin for people who click on a "I'm going" button on your event page, and announcements via the relay system.

Registering events and putting yourself down as going both require logging in to Awportals, but now that's easier than it ever was.

All you need to do is go to the alphaworld entry point and say "/awp register" and you'll be provided with a URL that allows you to register immediately, while linking your new awportals account to your citizenship, and giving you access to various things, including your own profile page that's yours to edit, an example of mine is here:

Strike Rapier

If people need help adding events, please drop me a telegram on Strike Rapier.

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