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AWPortals has compiled a mass of helpful resources for returning users to get back into the swing of things!

For those returning to Active Worlds this month, we don't want you to miss a thing! Things change over time, and for many of you who have been away for nearly a decade, the mechanics of the technology and community have changed. No worries though -- often that change is only as simple as clicking a new link or visiting a new world!

Note: For the announcement and details on how to return to Active Worlds, visit the previous article: "All Citizens and Worlds Renewed to January 4."

Social Hub

AWGate - AWGate is the entry point to the Active Worlds Universe, and is structured to accomodate users looking for help! Friendly gatekeepers are waiting to assist you in chat as you wander through the world's many helpful kiosks and wonderful designs.

Teleport to AWGate!

Alphaworld Landing Zone - In 2007, Alphaworld's Ground Zero was redesigned in an ambitious project led by SW Chris. Now its caretaker, SW Chirs updates the area with the seasons, and offers an insight into the robust history of Alphaworld, as well as some of the new building techniques that have been incorporated over the years. New to Alphaworld is the Global Chat feature, which can be acccessed by saying ^jc anytime in the world!

Teleport to Alphaworld Landing Zone!
View Global Chat Commands!

AWSchool - AWSchool has exploded in popularity over the last year, and is now *the* place to go if you need some help with Active Worlds or are just looking to chat. The world offers numerous tutorials on a myriad of topics that are useful for beginners and experts!

Teleport to AWSchool!

AWMix Worlds - The AWMix worlds are social worlds that are hosted by community-run radio stations. Check the worlds list on your tabs menu (press F9 to open!) in the evening and you will usually see one of these popular worlds high on the list!

Teleport to AWMix01!
Teleport to AWMix02!
Teleport to AWMix06!
Teleport to AWMix07!

Public Building World

Public Building Worlds offer citizens unlimited tracts of land to explore and create content on! After the turn of the millennium the community focused in general buildings worlds such as Alphaworld or AWTeen, but as of the past few years themed building worlds such as Mars and Yellow have experienced great renewal! Jump into one of the great worlds below to meet new friends and create new places!

Teleport to Alphaworld, Active Worlds' oldest world! Founded in 1995, this world is open to general-theme building and is also the largest world in the universe. From great cities to private kingdoms, anything is possible in Alphaworld!

Teleport to AWTeen, a general-themed world that is more hands on with its administration! Traditionally heralded as the world 'for teens, by teens' this world is ran by members of the community and features regular events, global chat, and a number of technical innovations that other worlds often do not see.

Teleport to Mars, a martian-themed building world with a party scene! This world received an object path update earlier this month, so come enjoy the new objects!

Teleport to Winter, a snow and ice themed world that is your ideal winter paradise! With numerous bot features and a massive mountain range, this is truly an exciting building world!

Teleport to Yellow, the first of the themed worlds to be updated to modern times! Yellow is a nature themed world -- named after Yellowstone National Park -- with a budding community and it's own global newspaper, the Yellow Gazette!

Click here for a complete listing of the Public Building Worlds! We've only offered a sampling, and there are many more to choose from!

Events and Activitie

Our AWPortals Events Calendar is the ideal place to learn of and promote events to the Active Worlds community! Events created on the calendar are announced in world, as well as through e-mail newsletters and on images that can be found in popular locations across the universe!

The Active Worlds Newsletter is a monthly publication that hosts a number of insightful articles written for the community. The newsletter is maintained by Maki, who you may know as the last editor of AWNews and founder of Support AW.

The Active Worlds Forums are the official forums of the universe -- as well as the technology -- and have replaced the former newsgroups in that regard. Announcements, events, and general discussion topics all meet in these very active forums.

Gaming is still popular in the Active Worlds Universe, and this directory provides a complete listing of games past and present for all to play.


The ActiveWiki is the community knowledgebase and provides detailed information about any desirable topic related to Active Worlds. To use it, simply navigate to your topic of interest from the directory on the front page, or try searching for it on the left navigation bar!

AWSchool is the place to go for help in the Active Worlds Universe! If you have any questions about the technology or need help building, you can usually find a teacher in the world. If not, you can page one or follow one of the many do-it-yourself tutorials!

The SW City Builders Academy offers many tutorials on advanced building techniques as well as detailed descriptions of new techniques that returning users may need to learn about.

The Ultimate AW User Guide is a modification to the browser that can be downloaded, installed, and customized by each user. This modifies your User Guide tab with a comprehensive guide for everything you ever wanted to know about the universe, and more! If you have benefited from this article and want to learn more about the universe in general, this is definitely the link for you!

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