ActiveWiki - Conduct Policy Requires Community Feedback
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A new conduct policy on the ActiveWiki requires members of the community to vote for or against it.


I've written a new conduct policy for the ActiveWiki based on some suggestions from the wiki software for blocking users, as well as some etiquette for users. Basically things that are common sense, and should be permanent to protect users from trolls and vandals.

The policy can be found here --

The only hitch about this is that as a matter of self-policing, I can't (won't) make this permanent without a majority vote from the community, and approval from AWI. So if you're interested in supporting the wiki, please take some time to click the link and give us your feedback on the matter. You can do so by voting on the wiki's talk page, which can be found by clicking the 'Talk' tab near the top of the page on any wiki article. (There will be directions on how to get there.)

Voting will be open for two weeks. Thanks everyone!

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