New MMORPG Looking for Developers
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A new MMORPG is coming to the Activeworlds universe and it's not just another role-playing game - but it needs the help of committed citizens to help reach release.

The goal is to design and develop an advanced, innovative, highly immersive game that is in many ways unlike anything previously seen in AW. It may even compare with some commercial game titles.

The AW software has a lot of untapped potential, and I'd like to make use of it as much as possible and ignore many perceived limitations. It is our hope that a project like this could really show off what AW can do and bring in more users, as well as be a good source of entertainment in the universe.

The game will be a rollercoaster- (focusing on pre-built environments and storylines) and sandbox-style (open-ended and player-centric) hybrid game. The setting will be a far-off world in post-apocalyptic recovery. This recovery will be a strong underlying storyline, but there will also be more immediate interactive plots. However, this won't be the end to the players' choices. Players can choose to completely ignore the main storylines, focus on themselves and their work, and participate in the mostly player-driven economy. The goal is that such a game will offer something for everyone, since not everyone enjoys the traditional games of role-playing, fighting fantastical creatures, and building up mathematical character statistics.

No two players are alike, and we plan to make use of that fact. Players won't choose a "class" or job; rather, players can explore the world and find their own place in it. Everyone will be able to affect the world in their own way, and even their abilities and appearances will be a reflection of their uniqueness.

We will also be looking for inspiration in all modern game genres. By doing so and by breaking away from many aspects of traditional RPGs, we should also be able to boost the game's realism, immersion, and uniqueness.

Right now, we are a team of six. I, PehJota, am the project's leader, and Nina Taru is an organizer and co-leader. Since this is such an ambitious and large project, we will need many more people with experience in almost every conceivable area of Active Worlds and game development to help us. We aren't just looking for gamers or game designers; we need people with experience in anything from modelling to music mixing. If you'd like to help us push the limits of AW and hopefully have some fun doing it, then telegram me, send me a private message in the forums, or reply to this thread Be sure to include a description of your skills and experience, examples of your work, and any other relevant information. This project will take a while to develop, and I know most of us have busy lives, so I don't expect people to have a lot of time to devote to this project; we'll take all the help we can get.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me with them. Please understand, though, that for the sake of suspense I'm trying to limit the amount of details I release.

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