Weekly Roundup - March 20th, 2010
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Weekly round-up of news from the Activeworlds community universe for the week ending March 20, 2010. Includes closing hosts, there users, RPGs, AWGate modifications, browser builds and various community announcements.

Chicago 3D Closin

Official Activeworlds hosting provider Chicago 3D has reportedly announced to its customers that it will be closing its doors at the end of this month due to no longer being able to make a profit on its hosting services.

Chicago 3D is one of the oldest service providers in Activeworlds and one of only two community focused companies to hold distributor status.

Forum Alteration

The Official Forums are undergoing somewhat of a restructuring over the course of the next week or two including new discussion boards being added and older boards being more accurately grouped.

[wcimg=The forums are changing to reflect the needs of the community]http://awportals-uploads.storage.googleapis.com/articles/2010_Q1/20100319_forums.jpg[/wcimg]
If you see a problem with the boards please drop tom an email at tom@activeworlds.com.

PehJota and Nina Starting RP

Respected community members PehJota and Nina Taru have announced that they are putting together a team to create a brand new and excited RPG experience in AW. The project has been sponsored by Activeworlds, Inc and will include both story-based and open ended features.

For the full article see www.awportals.com/articles/article.php?a=331

There User Influ

Activeworlds has seen a sizable jump in the number of citizenship registrations in the past week as the "There Refugees" program gets into swing. AWI community liaison office Tom – known as Flagg – has been issuing up to 30 free six month citizenships to former There users each day.

AWGate Enlarge

The AWGate entrance world has now been expanded to include additional areas which were omitted from its first incarnation.

[wcimg=A screenshot of part of the new AWGate]http://awportals-uploads.storage.googleapis.com/articles/2010_Q1/20100319_awgate.jpg[/wc]
The new areas expand far beyond the central dome and feature ancient looking sculptures, fountains and huge open architecture.

Browser Build 111

The latest version of the 5.0 browser has several changes including the ability to assign custom avatar templates to individual citizens in addition to fixes for names sorting in the whisper list, errors in certain docking window configurations and a WINE emulation error.

Slot Machines from Zo

Citizen Zoo has released a collection of models, textures and groups for adding animated slot machines to worlds. The package is available free and more information + a download can be found at http://forums.activeworlds.com/showthread.php?t=13406

Don't Forget Passive Mod

Please remember that for worlds equipped with the Eclipse Evolution global relay system (AW, AWTeen, Mars, COFMeta, WildAW etc) you can prevent your chat from being broadcast across the world without having to completely remove yourself from the chat network.

Once connected simply say "^chat passive" to enter passive mode. Once in passive you must prefix your message with /s in order to broadcast them. This means that you can talk in private but still see any global conversations you may be interested in joining.

To exit passive mode simply say "^chat normal". Passive mode options are saved between visits - please say "^chat" to see the channels you are currently connected to plus your passive status.

Farking Abou

Congratulations to Hyper Anthony for getting his article on the There user exodus featured on the Fark website. Since being published his article has received over one thousands views.

You can read the article at: www.awportals.com/articles/article.php?a=327

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