AWGate Benefits from Heads Up Display
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Activeworlds took a small step towards encouraging new users to explore larger parts of Activeworlds this last week with the introduction of a Heads Up Display in AWGate.

The Heads Up Display - more commonly known as a HUD - has become a staple of function in the major public worlds over the past few months with the introduction of Eclipse Evolution bots to Mars, COFmeta, Alphaworld, WildAW and Atlantis and now AWGate has its own too.

The AWGate HUD consists of 6 functional buttons... The first marked "Learn The Basics" brings up the Activeworlds tutorial covering movement, avatars and communication. The second marked as "Learn to Build" immediately teleports the user to AWSchool.

An additional 4 buttons are provided to encourage users to explore the other parts of the Activeworlds universe and can teleport a user to Alphaworld, Mars, SWCity and Yellow respectively.

For gate-chatters the HUD can be hidden by clicking the double chevron >> icon to the left hand side which will hide the display.

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