Andras to join Activeworlds, Inc
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Chrispeg has announced at Tech Talk #13 that occasional Activeworlds, Inc contractor and developer of the Linux world server, Andras, would be officially joining the Activeworlds, Inc development team on an official basis in the near future.

Andras, who is well known for his release of many productivity and monitoring tools for the Activeworlds software including the tourist guardian bot used by AWNewbie to protect the buildings of tourists whom may otherwise find their buildings deleted by other tourists, and MultiZip - a utility intended to perform batch manipulations on object paths such as zipping, password protecting and scrambling model files.

For many years Andras has been working for Activeworlds, Inc in a consultant capacity, porting the official world server to work on a Linux platform while Activeworlds, Inc main development staff focused on the more popular Windows servers - although that was previously cast into doubt when he recently suffered a major heart attack before he proceeded to recover.

After the announcement had been made, Andras via a conversation with Talisan apparently wished to make it clear that negotiations are under way he has not yet signed any contracts and he is not yet an official development team member.

So don't pester him just yet.

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