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Poseidon would like to know if any users are interested in spending some of their time helping improve AWRPG.

From Poseidon:

It's been some time since I've come to the forums regarding AWRPG, but I feel like it might be about time. Recently its been incredibly quiet around the world, with very little development taking place due to a few reasons. I'm hoping that slowly, I can shift that.

As of this time, I'm looking around the community for volunteer builders who would be interested in taking part in a project that has been, overall, fairly successful since its inception. The world is not in a position to be fully redeveloped, as much of the quests and basic structure of the world is fully functional, but the world is in need of revamping and some TLC (in areas other than building, but building is what I'd like to tackle now).

If you'd be interested in becoming part of the team, please feel free to contact me either in AW via telegram or in Private Message here with examples of your building skill. I certainly don't expect volunteers to be familiar with AWRPG, so anyone is welcome to apply - people who play games, or not.

When we first began AWRPG, it was our goal to create a world that was not only fun to play, but visually appealing for the casual AW adventurer. This is a goal I would like to firmly re-attain, and would love to work with a few great community members to do it.

I hope the new year is finding everyone well, despite all the fireworks in the forums recently. Thanks for your time!

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