Weekly Roundup - January 03, 2010
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A summary of the drama in the Activeworlds Universe and Forums for Jan 3rd. Warning. This article may contain traces of sarcasm.

Latest Browser Changes

Chrispeg has been working over Christmas on various improvements to the browser. The majority of changes are bug fixes based around teleports, resources and external configuration files such as avatars and help.

Also included was several major performance improvements based around caching mipmap files and partial cell loading - this should lead to a much improved sense of performance when travelling in densely populated areas which would previously have caused the browser to jerk sharply as each new cell was loaded.

Website Features

We now have several upgrades to the Awportals websites and Awportals managed features. Object searching has had additional renders produced for newer objects. We also have new registration pages and details on how to register your event click here.

Individual world homepages for alpha, awteen, mars and wildaw have now also been altered to present searching options on each page, the ability to delete places. Object searching has been removed from the side bar and instead now links to the full version.

Tech Talk

The first Tech Talk of the year has been scheduled by Chrispeg. As usual you will be able to join him on the first Friday of the month to hear about and discuss the changes and future of the Activeworlds' browser.

Check out the event details here: http://www.awportals.com/events/view.php?e=122

General Forums

FreedomF continues to harass the entire forum with he anti-democratic anti-Obama rhetoric. The community groans in disappointment that she has not yet received a well deserved permanent ban.

Alphaworld Chat

Disconnection problems with the server hosting [Alpha Supreme] means that Alphaworld is currently running a trial configuration where users are automatically connected to the #world global chat channel when they arrive for the first time.

This feature is just temporary - but we would like to have your feedback on if this feature should remain. Please let us know on the forums: http://forums.activeworlds.com/showthread.php?t=13050

Rumour Control

Legion has finally decided to shut up for a few days or so with his Rumour Control blog postings; a total of 33 in the course of a couple of weeks makes him by far the most prolific blog poster and firmly places him in the column of being incredibly annoying.

You can find his postings, should you for some strange reason want to, at http://forums.activeworlds.com/blog.php?b=834

SW City Shakeup

One of Activeworlds' largest organizations, SW City, is undergoing somewhat of a major shake-up in its management to separate out its dual functions of the managing the city itself vs producing its Interactive and Web content.

Leadership of the city stays with Syntax as Mayor and SW Comit, SW Chris, Captain Mad Mike and Espilae as Governors. SW City Productions will be headed up by SW Comit as lead developer with Espilae, Hyper Anthony, Absolute Monarch and Baro stepping in as writers.

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