Dream Lojyk's Mover Tutorial
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AWSchol invites you to view its new Mover Tutorial by Dreme Lojyk.

This is the beginning of Dreme Lojyk's Mover tutorial in awschool world a step-by-step walk through each field in the object box. A fantastic resource for anyone with v4 rights, we thank him for his work on it and want to share it with others.

What is a Mover? A tutorial by Dreme Lojy

Movers are objects which attach to a users avatar and either go where the user goes, or take the user through a pre-defined set of movements.

[quote=Dreme Lojyk]awschool 137.85S 148.35E 0.01a 177[/quote]

The World Server treats them like Avatars - i.e. they are 'Server-Side' objects
There are 3 types... User Controlled (UC), Server Controlled (SC), Pick-Up Item (PUI). (UC) Default type for a new Mover.

This type is used for creating ridable vehicles.Examples - Car, Bike, Plane, Boat, etc (SC) This type moves itself and the user along a pre-scripted path defined by its builder.

Examples - Elevator, Ski-Lift, Tram, Roller-Coaster, etc. (PUI) This type makes the Mover into a carryable or wearable item, attaching to a specific body-part of an avatar.

Examples - Hat, Sword, Back-Pack, Skate-Board

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