Christmas Specials - 2009
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Activeworlds, Inc has announced its yearly Christmas Specials.

Happy Holidays from Activeworlds, Inc.
AWI is happy to offer two unique specials this year:

Gift Citizenship - $29.9

Give a full year of Activeworlds Citizenship to someone you care about. This offer only applies to current citizens purchasing new accounts for friends or family.

P30/5 - $69.9

Get a large P30/5 with Voice Over IP for $69.96. This includes the normal free citizenship included with this class of world.

This offer does not include hosting - World hosts may charge an additional fee for worlds with VoIP due to increased resource usage

To take advantage of either of these offers, please call or mail Activeworlds, Inc. by December 23rd, 2009.

Phone: 978-499-0222

Activeworlds, Inc.
95 Parker St.
Newburyport, MA

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