Weekly Roundup - November 29, 2009
Written by Awportals.com
A summary of the drama in the Activeworlds Universe and Forums for Nov 29nd. Warning. This article may contain traces of sarcasm.

AWGate Debat

Opinion remains divided on if the new design for AWGate is welcome; the majority of users are in favour of the change however some of the most regular users have decided that they do not wish to use it to the extent that they have now changed their home locations to other worlds.

5.0 Surprises

According to edits by Chrispeg in the Activeworlds Wiki there may be some additional surprises, upgrades and features in the release version of Activeworlds 5.0. Listing the final changes only as "Added, Improved, Redesigned and Fixed" these updates will be released on December 1st.

Suggestions have ranged from it being an instant-crash feature or additional cell space for alphaworld - Debate ended when the participants predictably got bored and started discussing an older 5.0 feature about logging in via email address.

Federal Virtual Worlds Challenge

Lensman has apparently had the army research command drop by AW and visit one of his information worlds; taking him two thirds of the way towards his objective. He is now awaiting an evaluation visit from the team, where presumably he is hoping that they will all be amazed by a virtual room full of signs.

Personally we here at Awportals.com feel that the best way of using Activeworlds as a military tool is to allow DARPA scientists to study the citizenry in Universe Prime to help them better understand civil war.

Enzo <3 Yo

It looks like there is a possibility that Activeworlds, Inc will be opening up a mechanise store in the AWGate. The area named "Enzo loves you - Activeworlds Merchandise Store" is currently closed off with a sign up front saying Coming Soon. What wonders will be on sale in this mysterious void of capitalism we have yet to find out. Previously Activeworlds has tried and failed to sell, among other things, T-shirts and advertising space on blimps.

But then again, who wouldn't want a T-Shirt with E N Z O's face upon it?

AWTeen Teams!

The drama llama continues to stalk around AWTeen, charging at unsuspecting victims with a ferocity never before seen in living memory.

Among this week's chaos includes Eric John wanting to create a group called AWTEHelpers which will somehow take care of citizens and tourists that are being abused, as Eric is around 10 years old we have yet to see if he and his as of yet non-existent group will be given the eject rights to carry out this already-filled role. This Caretaker thinks it unlikely.

In other news, GSK apparently does not like all of this new-fangled technology that has been a cornerstone of AWTeen for the past 5 to 10 years; claiming that the world does not seem right anymore and that chaos erupts if the global relay system is down. At the moment GSK has not yet been punished for insinuating that Evo2 has a negative effect on the world - but I suspect a chat ban may be forthcoming in the near future.

Yellow Charity

For those of you that have nothing better to do with your lives, Digigurl would apparently like you all to visit yellow GZ and click on the signs that search for local volunteer locations. Perhaps working in a soup kitchen in the middle of winter is your idea of fun? If so, stop by yellow today.

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