Weekly Roundup - November 22, 2009
Written by Awportals.com
A summary of the drama in the Activeworlds Universe and Forums for Nov 22nd.

New AWGate

AWGate has been re-created using the new 5.0 design which has been in work for the past couple of years.

The actual version present in the gate at the moment contains approximately 50% of the full area that has been created. AWI has said it will be extended later.

Fantasy Football League

Legolas would like to know if any citizens would be interested in creating the first organized Activeworlds Fantasy Football League between major cities in the AW universe.

Legolas is looking for 10 people to split into two teams for an initial game; if you are not part of a city then you would be allowed to play for an alternative.

Find out more: http://forums.activeworlds.com/showthread.php?t=12712

Legion the Spammer

Legion has had his Quote of the Day spamming of the forums cut short after a forums ban by Activeworlds, Inc.

It is not known why Legion decided to begin posting quotes to the blog pages each day, if previous motives are anything to go by it is likely that he was just trying to increase his post count and generally annoy everyone.

Onald Quits

Long time user Onald has quit Activeworlds and cancelled his account claiming he "Can't deal with the crap and drama here any more".

Onald has not been the only citizen that has quit Activeworlds recently due to the drama and it is widely expected that he will not be the last. Forum participation has also dropped substantially in recent weeks as many users opt out of entering the fight pit.

Find out more: http://forums.activeworlds.com/showthread.php?t=12665

Debate Board

It looks likely that a debate board with stronger and more strictly enforced rules will soon be appearing on the official forums after Flagg promised their creation if Ferruccio entered the Extreme Builders Talent Show.

Ferruccio has now entered, with a mocking build built like a complete newbie yet still meeting Flaggs' original criteria of 'entering the competition'. We await to see if the board is created or if Ferruccio gets smited.


It's still arguments arguments arguments over in AWTeen - shocking I know. The latest arguments refocus on the designing of a new Ground Zero as a ad-hock team attempts to work together to better the work of former GZ designer Seiya.

With the appointed leader having to drop out due to real life issues and everyone else at each others throats we have to wonder if a new GZ will ever be completed.

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