CYAwards 2009 Winners
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The CY Awards 2009 took place this weekend, announcing the winners for each standard award plus 6 additions to the Spirit and Lifetime Achievement categories.

List courtesy of Lady Teal.

General Award

*Best Build -TobyTaylor for Oriental Village
*Best Event - cy awards - lady teal
*Best Leader - NurseMom
*Best Software - dem2rwx - andras
*Best Avatar - flipz
*Best Community or Town - nurses - nursemom
*Best Interactive Game - awbingo - dmc2u
*Best Media Presentation - MaXPoly's MaX-Pro Systems
*Best Website - active wiki - hyper anthony,syntax,martin
*Best Bot Design - andras
*Best Effect - Bach Zhaa and dreamer2 for Winter Mania Park Ride
*Best Landscape - ohmy - ohioman
*Best Object Design - ohioman
*Best World - ohmy - ohioman & awmix07 - class3
*Write In - NurseMom for Birthday Builds

Spirit Award

*Kenny McC
*Bach Zhaa

Lifetime Award

* SW Chris
* Strike Rapier
* Garnet

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