Activeworlds 5.0 Release Schedule
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Information on the release of Activeworlds 5.0 to the Activeworlds Universe for December 1st, 2009.

Activeworlds, Inc have announced a tentative release schedule for Activeworlds version 5.0 which is currently being tested in the Beta universe.

The notice, which is posted in the announcements section of the official forums notes that most official AWI worlds will be down over the upgrade weekend as their world servers are updated to the new 5.0 format.

[quote=Chrispeg]The biggest world Alphaworld will be shutdown either on Thursday 26th November or the following day. The conversion process will take between 2 and 3 days. Some other bigger worlds, like Winter, COFmeta and Yellow might be shutdown, or building disabled, over that weekend also.[/quote]

The 5.0 SDK for both C/C++ and COM should be available as of the 19th but could not be found directly at the time of writing.

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