Kiwi Interviews: Lady Teal
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Kiwi interview with Lady Teal from the CYAwards

One of the greatest times of the year in ActiveWorlds is Cy award time.
This is when we see old Cits come back to AW. And the Cits who are here
now have their say on who they think deserves to be recognised for
their contribution to AW.

Time for special talent in all fields to be appreciated.
We have so much talent in ActiveWorlds. .
I talked to the Lady, who as we all know puts so much hard work into
getting this all organised every year.!

Hi there Lady Teal ;-) I know this is a busy time for you so thank you for taking the time to talk me. I really would love to hear about the History of the Cy Awards? I
really just turn up every year,but know little about when and who
started it.

Kiwi: When did the Cy awards start?

[quote=Lady Teal]The first CY Awards were in 1998, and And last year we celebrated our 10th anniversary [/quote]

Kiwi: Have you always been involved in running Cy awards?

[quote=Lady Teal]No I took over as CYO for the CY’s in 2005 when AlphaBit Phalpha retired. We had to close the CY’s for a year while we re-built the world and the voting sysyem.[/quote]

Kiwi:Who decides the catagories for awards?

[quote=Lady Teal]The CY Team decides the categories, but we try to make sure that we have all categories' covered, as AW grows in new areas. If you do not see something in the category list you wish to nominate you do have the write In Category.[/quote]

Kiwi: I love the Cy Ballroom. Who built that?

[quote=Lady Teal]"Siliconmana" She is an outstanding builder and artist and she does try to add something new every year to the CY Award World. We love her so much we would be lost without her.[/quote]

Kiwi: What makes it special for you?

[quote=Lady Teal]Bringing old and new citizens together every year as one. I love that so much.[/quote]

Kiwi: One of the things about this time I love, is getting to meet Cits from way back,that come just for this special occasion. There is such a great vibe and atmosphere at this time. Has it always been like this?

[quote=Lady Teal]The CY Awards have always been like that they are a very special occasion every year in AW. You can feel the love when you come into the world that day. I LOVE THAT FEELING!!![/quote]

Kiwi: What makes you keep doing this every year?

[quote=Lady Teal]My love for the community, but this will most likely be my last year as my health isn’t as good as it once was. [/quote]

Kiwi:Thank you so much Lady Teal for letting us know a little more
about this great Event.

Have a great day and see you there. Smiles!

[quote=Lady Teal]I want to thank everyone who puts so much time into the CY Awards You guys rock. We miss you Tuna and Dreamer. [/quote]

2009 Cy Awards Planed Events schedule, hope to see every great aw
member participate this year. See Ya at the Cy's :)

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