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AWSchool would like to know if you are interested in becoming an AWSchool teacher or aide.

Who are the Teachers and the Guides

The teachers at AWSchool are all trained volunteers whose goal it is to learn newcomers one of the most important and enjoyable part about Active Worlds: Building! This can range from building a simple house to creating particle emitters, movers and other cool building features.

The Guides at AWSchool are dedicated volunteers who are there to help newcomers getting a sense of what there’s to do in Active Worlds. Not just telling what all those buttons in the browser do, but also how and where to explore, and getting involved in the community.

Are you made out of the right stuff

The most important traits in a person that we look for are patience and willing to lend a hand. That accounts for both the Guides and the Teachers.

For a Guide it's important to know how the AW browser works, cool places to go and being able to show that to the newcomers. It is paramount that newcomers feel welcome and get the help they deserve!

For a Teacher it's not just about how good you can build, it is also knowing how to explain this to someone who is sitting behind a computer possibly 1000’s of miles away from yours. You don’t have the luxury to peek over their shoulders, you have to see to it that they understand what you want them to create. This is where patience comes in and possibly some creativity to explain it in such a way that your student understands it.

Both the Guides and Teachers are expected to act as professionals and last, but certainly not least, have fun doing their job. You will see that helping other people is such a rewarding feeling.

We’re always looking for enthusiastic people, so feel free to apply for Teacher or Guide at

So what happens after applying for a job

You will be contacted by one of the staff as soon as possible by either e-mail or telegram.

An interview will be set up in which will be decided to put you up for training or not. To give one hint … read the school’s webpage to learn more about AWSchool and what its staff does.

Training for Guide means that you will to learn how to use Quikword and creating a list of things to explain to a newcomer as well as familiarizing with the rules of conduct in AWSchool.

Training for Teacher is unique for every trainee. During the interview and the first training session your teaching skill will be assessed. From there on the emphasis of the training is to strengthen your best skills and improve that what needs work.

You will start out as a Teacher’s Aide (TA). You’re basically a Teacher in training and when you have gained enough experience in teaching, you can earn a promotion to Teacher by taking the Teacher Test (‘being noobed by another teacher’).

The life of a Guide or Teache

The Guide can sit around in AWSchool GZ and wait for a newcomer to arrive or make use of the Pager Bot, which will contact you when a newcomer needs you. Or go about your daily business in the AW universe and keep an eye out on the Worlds list and see if people enter AWSchool.

The TAs can either sit around in AWSchool GZ or wait for a Guide to send them a potential student. Or arrange additional training if they or the trainer see fit.

The Teachers have bot rights, so they can park a bot in AWSchool GZ to keep a look out for potential students. There’s also the possibility to attend advanced courses on building if they want to expand their knowledge on building.

The Senior Teachers are there to clean up the world from (unwanted) builds, interview applicants, train the TAs and help out the staff members in general. They are the first to direct your questions to before asking the Caretaker.

The Caretaker (CT). The title is self-explanatory, the CT takes care of the world and its daily operation. The CT is also the head of the school and responsible for all that the staff, including you, does in AWSchool.

Want to know more

Not only guiding or teaching newcomers is rewarding, so is working in this team of dedicated and funny people from all over the globe. When you join up, we’ll try to introduce to your team mates straight away.

You will notice the odd discussions between two senior teachers, a Guide who will set you to mow the lawn in AWSchool GZ, an ever smiling CT, or even a Teacher disguised in his alien avatar who’s been around in AWSchool longer than any of us.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! Drop dreamer2, Vera, Chris Seferi or Kenny McC a telegram and we’ll be happy to answer any question you might have.

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