Kiwi Files - Nitecap and Andre1 for AWMix01
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Kiwi continues her interview series by talking to Nitecap and Andre1, caretakers of AWMix01 and Rebel Radio.

Most of us love Music. I am lucky enough to be on the Team for PKToons at AWMix07. For every Radio Station in Activeworlds there has been a World donated by AWI. In each World there has been appointed a Caretaker to run things.

In AWMix07 Class 3 is our Caretaker. Waves to the Bossman. Guess asking for a raise is still a big no Boss? lol

These worlds run parties and generally give the Citizens of AW a lot of fun with awesome Music and a lot of laughter and dancing.

As well as time to catch up with friends.

Being able to dance there is just a plus, which we thank Maxpoly for with his incredible dance movers. Thanks Max ;-).

Hey you dont even have to put your Coffee down to dance lol. Pretty awesome!

I love how all the Mix worlds get along as friends. All just here to make it a better place for the Citizens of AW to have fun as it should be.

[wcimg=A view from inside AWMix01 with Caretakers Nitecap and Andre1][/wcimg]

Recently I caught up with friends who run AWMix01. We all have different tastes in music so hard for all the DJ`s to keep everyone happy. I thought the Cits might like to know a little more about AWMix01.

The Caretaker’s there are Nitecap and Andre1.

[interview_q=Kiwi]Thanks for talking to me.

Can you tell me a little about AWMix01?[/interview_q]

[interview_rsb=Nitecap;]We started out with just a deck and a stage in the middle of an ocean. A bunch of Rebels looking for a home for their radio station, Rebel Radio.

It wasn\'t long before other Rebels began arriving, and soon we had a recording studio, a transmission tower, and of course, burnt hotdogs. Almost immediately we had a party every night, with more and more old and new friends stopping by for a dance and a giggle.

The Rebels decided they needed to get off that deck, so they piled up sand until they had themselves a nice beach to party on. The world is still expanding with builds, but our main concern is the music and having fun. [/interview_rsb]

[interview_q=Kiwi]How long has AWMix01 been going?[/interview_q]

[interview_rsb=Nitecap;]We began working on the world at the end of March this year, but didn\'t open it to the public for about a month.

There wasn’t an official grand opening, we just unlocked it one day, and the never ending party began.[/interview_rsb]

[interview_q=Kiwi]What do you think makes a great music world?[/interview_q]

[interview_rsb=Nitecap;]The most important thing to me is that everyone is having fun. We want you to come in and listen to Rebel Radio, and relax and enjoy hanging out with the great people of AW. Everyone needs a break from real life and building.

So what better way than to take some time to listen to some awesome music, and dance while chatting with your friends? [/interview_rsb]

[interview_rsb=Andre1;]It\'s also nice to experiment with all the stuff that’s available on AW.

Like right now we\'re setting up a cinema on AWMix01, so we can show movies, videoclips, etc. The fun part is that each of us has their own specialties, and together we can achieve a lot of things regarding the multimedia possibilities AW has.

[interview_q=Kiwi]Every Mix world has helpers it couldn`t do without.

Especially the DJ`s. How many DJ`s do you have[/interview_q]

[interview_rsb=Andre1;]Right now we have 6 DJs, as can be seen on

We are not following any schedule or anything, the fun part is still #1

Special thanks Tonio for the use of his server to broadcast Rebel Radio music in CD
quality. [/interview_rsb]

[interview_q=Kiwi]Do you play music for all ages, or is your Music for a specific age group?[/interview_q]

[interview_rsb=Andre1;]We play music for all ages, all kinds of styles and we do requests.

We even download them at the same time we get the request, if we don\'t have it in our extended music library[/interview_rsb]

[interview_q=Kiwi]Do you play all types of Music at AWMix01?[/interview_q]

[interview_rsb=Andre1;]Each of us have their music they prefer, which we play too, but we play whatever the party demands us to play.[/interview_rsb]

[interview_rsb=Nitecap;]You will hear many genres of music on Rebel Radio. We cover country, rock, dance and reggae.

We play artists that some of us don\'t even remember, lol, up to the newest releases. [/interview_rsb]

[interview_q=Kiwi]I find more new people coming into Activeworlds seem to be happy to hang out at the Mix worlds rather than the Gate like they used too.

Do you find that now too?

[interview_rsb=Andre1;]I\'ve been on AWGate daily for 10 years in a row, and it\'s still a nice place for new arrivals to get to know the browser.

But in my opinion it’s no longer the world where regulars gather and chat. That\'s all happening on the AWMix worlds these days, which I think is great. People should get out more, lol. [/interview_rsb]

[interview_rsb=Nitecap;]The AWMix worlds are a fantastic way to socialize on AW.

It is like a constant party environment, where people can chat and enjoy their leisure time. I agree the Gate has its place, but the action and fun is in the music worlds. I\'m really glad to see that these worlds have been busy, and more people are visiting them daily.

If you haven't visited yet, you really should.

[interview_q=Kiwi]What are you most proud of at AWMix01?[/interview_q]

[interview_rsb=Nitecap;]I think it is important that every person who visits AWMix01 feels welcomed and appreciated. Our Rebel family is growing, as you can tell by
all the individual beach towels there that Andre makes for everyone, lol.

I am proud that people want to come and hang out there with us.

[interview_rsb=Andre1;]I\'m proud of the fact that we all work so well together and that we made AWMix01 into a success, hoping to party on for years and years.[/interview_rsb]

[interview_q=Kiwi]Keep rocking guys :) Thank you and have a great day.[/interview_q]

[interview_rsb=Nitecap;]Thank you Kiwi for this opportunity to talk about AWMix01 and Rebel Radio.

Andre and I are looking forward to partying with you and the other fun AW folks in the music worlds. Keep on dancing!![/interview_rsb],

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