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"Activeworlds" has been gaining an unusual amount of press attention over the past few and it has been coming from an unlikely source, as the ghost of Activeworlds past returned to the scene.

On October 5th articles began appearing on BusinessWire and other news sites that Activeworlds had entered into a legal agreement to buy Wuhan Kingold Jewellery - a Chinese company founded in 2002 that claims to be a leading Chinese designer and manufacturer of 24 karat gold jewellery.

However, when reading further into the relevant articles it becomes clearer that the Activeworlds' staff have not taken complete leave of their senses and the articles are in fact referring to Activeworlds Corp, a listed company on the over-the-counter securities market.

Activeworlds Corp is the shell corporation that remained after Activeworlds CEO Rick Noll and Activeworlds CFO JP McCormic rescued Activeworlds from bankruptcy and termination due to the significant financial and legal disputes that the company had found itself involved in thanks to ongoing litigation against Juno.

In 2002 the two now joint owners purchased the rights to the Activeworlds software, staff and clients. Activeworlds Corp, the original public company was left with its litigation and debts as a shell company which could one day be merged with another company to enter the US stock market - Activeworlds Corp has had no activity since the takeover except for losing $7k a quarter administrative SEC filings - it is this shell that has made the acquisition rather than Activeworlds Inc.

One thing is for certain, right now the ghost of Activeworlds' past is currently receiving more press attention than Activeworlds proper - and even if the vast majority of these articles are automatically generated through regulatory fillings, the question again is, why on earth is this getting more press than Activeworlds itself?

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