AWSchool Announces 'Guides' Program
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A program to accommodate new AW users begins in AWSchool world.


Kenny McC announced the return of the AWSchool Guides program this week on the AW Forums. Led by Kiwichicknz o, this program puts an emphasis on users getting one-on-one help learning the basics of the Active Worlds Browser, and eases the role of teachers who can now better focus on teaching specific topics, such as building.

Since the announcement, Kenny has reported that 10 active citizens will be assisting in the project. Take note that if you're looking to volunteer in an organization such as this and you aren't really comfortable being a teacher, a guide may be the right alternative.

If you would like to join the program or would like more information, you may contact Kenny McC or Kiwichicknz o in Active Worlds.

AWSchool world is a world dedicated to teaching users of Active Worlds in various topics. Their website may he found here.

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