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A regular column by Hyper Anthony concerning current events. This week's musing is the effect of maintenance on Alphaworld.


Over the course of my weekend in Active Worlds I came back to something that I had always known, yet over the past couple of years I had seem to lose touch with. People. Communities; sub-communities... despite the main universe's small population, pockets of people still evade my notice. Be it names I've never seen or builds I've never heard of, we all go on doing our own thing and some of us rarely stick our head out of our own little -- quite literal -- world.

Alphaworld's long maintenance this week was a catalyst in finally getting me to poke my head out, as it were. This circumstance in itself is bizarre because for the past several months I've been doing work in a world that is closed to the public, but I'm still always there with Alphaworld. I've quite thoroughly embedded myself and invested myself in Alphaworld, in SW City. Removing it from the universe made me ask "Well, what now?"

The answer to that question would be found in my 'travels' this weekend. I decided to pop around the universe and see exactly what was going on. In somewhat of an irony Alphaworld being offline for a few days may have been a blessing for some of these smaller worlds, as the population of many worlds surged as builders retreated to worlds such as Mars, Yellow, and Winter to sate their habits. Deciding to take a break from my projects, I did as well. My first stop was in Winter world. I landed and after a couple of hours of chatting and exploring around, decided to build for a little bit.

[wcimg=My small lean-to in the new Wintertide Cascades region of Winter World.][/wcimg]

Let me tell you something. If anyone wants to tell you that this universe is dead, they're dead wrong. Often times I feel like there's no life in here outside of my circle of friends, but this weekend I saw exactly what was going on out there. And it's good. It's small -- but it's passionate. The community, what little of it that there is, is thriving. Did you know that Winter world just released a new, mountainous building region? It's absolutely pristine and the terrain work is fantastic! Yellow world is much in the same manner; Digigurl's seasonal events are always enjoyable.

Should building not be your thing, gaming and activities aren't all that bad off either. The guys at ImaBot have something incredible on the way for AWGames. The bingo worlds are as popular as they have always been, and Mark here has had success with AWPortals Trivia. A small community of people still play on in AD&DRPG. Even in SW City, our Interactive gaming system has a small fanbase.

We're a greater community of many smaller communities, and if you don't stick your head out to see what's going on every now and then, you can lose sight of that. There are a lot of great things going on in the Active Worlds Universe, and should boredom ever set in during your project don't be afraid to head out and explore. I'm sure we would all appreciate the company. :)

Hyper Anthony is a Community Leader and Staff in SW City.

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