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Kiwi interviews Kenny McC of AWSchool on his reasons for being a Senior Teacher and what it is like to do the job.

In ActiveWorlds we are very lucky to have AW School. What an amazing place, full of information to help us all.

[limg][/limg]In 1996 the Idea for a School to teach newcomers the basics was fathered by Jetta Lewis, and fostered by the American Builders Guild and Teachers.

dreamer is Caretaker with the help of Kenny McC, Vera and the people who volunteer there.

If you haven`t dropped in there, then please go check it out. Whatever you need help with, it`s all there.

I caught up with Kenny McC at the School for a quick chat. Kenny is a senior teacher at the School, and a great guy who is happy to help anyone who goes there.

Kiwi Begins: Cute Pav you have there Kenny lol.

[quote=Kenny]Lol Thanks! It speaks for it self, I think[/quote]

Kiwi Asks: Kenny how long have you been helping at the School?

[quote=Kenny]Uhhmm, I started out somewhere in 1999 until 2002. When I (finally!) graduated from college, I returned to AW in 2007 and started teaching almost immediately then when dreamer saw me, she shoved me right back into a class room ;o).[/quote]

Kiwi Asks: What made you want to be a Teacher here?

[quote=Kenny]Not your common reasons like "I want to be a vital part of the community" or "I really want to help other people" or "I lost big in a VR poker game in an undisclosed world in AW". I just got cranky at AWSchool and that s how I signed up ;o).

When I was a tourist and asked for a teacher in AWSchool to teach me how to build, I got none. So when I became a citizen I applied for teacher and said that I would not let others come to AWSchool and receive no help.

Well, that was a bit naïve considering that human beings have jobs (or school) and need to sleep and eat every now and then.[/quote]

Kiwi Asks: What are your plans for the School for the future?

[quote=Kenny]As there 's only few of us, we need to be as efficient as possible. We already have a "Do-It-Yourself" tutorials, practice yard with a manual and pager bots, but that just isnt enough.

So we're trying to find ways to get more newbies the help they deserve. Currently we are reinstating the AWSchool Guides as they were quite a success in the "early days".

They are not there to teach how to build, but they are there to help the newbies to learn about AW and its browser. If someone wants to learn how to build or has building related questions, the Guides will be there to forward these questions to the teachers OR help the student in setting up a class with a teacher.[/quote]

Kiwi Asks: What is the hardest part of running the AW School?

[quote=Kenny]That you should ask dreamer ;o). The hardest part of my work is saying
'no' to those who apply for teacher and dont have what it takes.[/quote]

Kiwi Asks: What do you think is the biggest achievement for the School?

[quote=Kenny]There have been quite a few, but what stands out the most for me is that we're a team. That sounded corny perhaps, but we dont have backstabbers or glory hunters .. we're all there doing our job and having fun while doing it :o).[/quote]

Kiwi Asks: So what do people have to do to get a lesson with a Teacher there?

[quote=Kenny]Read what the immigration officer says :oP. Just north from GZ you 'll find the signs with our names and e-mail adresses (just click on them), dropping a telegram does the trick too or click on a pager bot in GZ. And soon, you can ask a Guide for help as well :o).[/quote]

Thanks Kenny.
Have a nice day!

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