Mystery Pink Cube Virus Spreading Throughout AWTeen
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Panic was spreading throughout AWTeen over the weekend as a mysterious virus began working its way among the citizen population of the world.

The infection began at around 8pm as a single cube avatar arrived at the ground zero and went AFK. Several minutes later nearby citizens noticed strange browser behaviour.

The avatars of citizens and bots were losing control of their avatars and turning into funky pink cubes right before their eyes and the effect soon began to spread, with those being nearest to infected users becoming infected first.

[limg][/limg]Soon all of the users at Ground Zero had suffered under the infection and anyone entering was surrounded by so many infected avatars they too immediately fell under its effects.

Tourists, apparently immune to the spread of this infection were happy to stand around and dance at the sight of a sea of cubes.

Certain citizens - now seemingly aware of the spreading virus - attempted to flee the effects by teleporting to their own towns and cities.

This only made the problem worse - town builders fled as soon as infected users arrived but it was too little too late and they too were soon infected.

The virus appeared to have died down after 6 hours, researchers predict that it will return in a more complex and virulent form sometime in the future.

We will keep you up to date on any developments in this story as they happen.

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