Would you like to be a Gatekeeper?
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The Gatekeepers are looking for new applicants to assist in AWGate. Find out what being a GK entails.

What are the Gatekeepers

[justify]We are a group of dedicated and sincere volunteers whose mission it is to enhance the experience of new users as well as promote the AW Community. We provide a welcoming environment that allows for instruction, assistance and camaraderie.

The GK Organization consists of Gatekeepers, a Program Director and Associate Directors each with their own area of responsibilities

Do you think you have what it takes to become a Gatekeeper?
Are you a potential Gatekeeper? Want to give it a try?

If so fill out our Application form and best of luck!


What is being a Gatekeeper like

We focus on helping new users and providing information on Universe activities, locations, events and browser features.

We do not focus ourselves on the enforcement of Universe Conduct and Content Guidelines other than to suggest the use of privacy features (Mute) etc. available to all.

Gatekeeping can be a thankless job. Hours of answering repetitive questions and sifting through line after line of Gate chat looking for a tourist or citizen in need of help can be taxing on the spirit to say the least.

This is when a Gatekeepers patience and sense of humor comes into play. In the next moment you see what it is you were waiting for. A cry for help… Hey GK, How do I fly?

You enthusiastically respond, and then hear “Weeeeeeeeeeeee, I’m Flying!!! That makes it all worth while. Then out of nowhere they say "Thank You GK" and you just smile and decide to come back for your next shift.

Gatekeepers form lasting friendships that transcend the virtual into the real world. We love to party and have fun! We look forward to having you join our Gatekeeper family. Being a Gatekeeper also entitles you to a 25% discount on all AW Purchases as well as a citizenship extension determined by amount of time you spend Gatekeeping.


What are the requirements to become a Gatekeeper

You must be 18 or older and a citizen for at least 6 months to apply for being a Gatekeeper.

Being a Gatekeeper isn't about building any sort of powerbase; it's about helping others and having fun while doing so. You should possess a strong desire for helping others and the ability to point users in the right direction for the help they seek.

Technical knowledge of the intricate workings of the Activeworlds browser is not required.

What happens then?

Applications are received by the Program Director and then sent to Human Resources for processing.

Each applicant is assessed and all references are checked.
You will be contacted by Human Resources for an interview. The interview takes about 30 minutes.

If I get accepted, what's next?

After your age is verified, you will be sent a packet that includes all the information you need to start your Gatekeeping journey. Our Training Director will contact you to set up times to meet.

Training is an ongoing process and there should always be some new skill to master or existing abilities that can be improved upon. Our Training Director has a primary responsibility to insure that Gatekeepers are properly trained. Fellow Gatekeepers may be called upon to assist with training and development.

Before being given the Gatekeeper privileged password all Gatekeeper applicants must have read and returned a signed copy of the Gatekeeper Code of Conduct to the Program Director. In doing so they are indicating that they understand and have a working knowledge of the contents and will comply with the information contained within.

Prior to assuming duties as a Gatekeeper and assuming the authority of a Public Speakers (a.k.a. going "bold") all Gatekeepers receive the minimum training as indicated by a Training Checklist we use that is signed by both the applicant and the Trainer.


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