Remains in Difficulty
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The website remains under lockdown from many virus scanners, as well as search engines such as Google due to the presence of malware.

Leaders of some of the largest official AW communities remain in difficulty this week as they find their AWI hosted websites continue to be blocked by most common antivirus systems in light of an long running infection which has now spread to many of the hosted pages including the index, Gatekeepers, CY Awards and Community Register.

[limg][/limg]The worm / virus, which was reported several months ago but remains active, infects pages by editing their source code to include semi-obscured JavaScript.

When a user with Javascript enabled visits a given page their browser will automatically run the script which in turn generates an IFrame - in effect a web page within a web page - except this frame is located at a 3rd party site under the control of the virus originators.

From there the malicious server produces a cocktail of known exploits depending on which browser is used in an attempt to infect the visitor.

Although it is not known by the community which virus or worm is causing the damage, as several exhibit the same attack vector, it follows a growing trend of malicious persons deliberately infecting legitimate websites in the hope of ensnaring their users.

Users with up to date antivirus products should find their access to the websites blocked without suffering harm.

Free antivirus is available for those without it from either or AVG.

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