Are you a potential Peacekeeper applicant?
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The Peacekeepers are opening their applications; discover more on what it is like to be a Peacekeeper courtesy of GolderUK


Do you think you have what it takes to become a PK

The Peacekeeper Organisation is a well established multinational group of volunteers who's aim is to assure Active Worlds is an enjoyable and safe, experience for all.

If you enjoy Active Worlds and have the same ethos towards it, plus are over eighteen and been a citizen of AW for six months then why not fill out the online application form at

What people are the PK's looking for

Basically, you need to be a good communicator and willing to assist users over a variety of problems. You need to show you can be both confidential and impartial.

[rimg][/rimg] Obviously we need people of high integrity who are willing to work and act as a professional at all times and in all circumstances. We do have a high standard of acceptance but you don't have to have any technical knowledge-we aren't all professors! We need people who can follow rules and regulations as they have been placed there for a reason.

What happens then

Each applicant is assessed and all references are checked upon. Your name is released to all Peacekeepers for feedback regarding you.

If that goes well then you will be called for an interview. The interview takes about fifteen minutes and the PKAh will study it and make a decision.

What if I get accepted, what next

You will enter the Peacekeeper Academy known as PKA. Your Team Leader will be the PKAh who's job it is to ensure you get the training you need.

The training begins pretty basic but gets more interesting as you pass each module.
The training has twelve modules and each module has a trainer designated to teach their own module. If you pass all of the twelve lessons then you will be released on the gz's with another PK by your side. That PK will assist you and monitor your performance.
Once PKA is assured you have received the training you need, you will be assigned to a team which is headed by a Team Leader.

Just because you get into PKA, does not mean you will graduate and become a Peacekeeper. That's up to you, your integrity, enthusiasm and how you perform. The training time depends on your and your trainer’s availability to be online together but it usually takes around 8 weeks.

What is being a Peacekeeper like

The PK Org is headed by a group of people called Core. Core manages the Organisation and ensures every PK operates professionally and without bias.

Every Organisation has to have management and a Peacekeeper will always respect their management team - and each other!

We ask all volunteers to work the patrolled worlds for two hours a week. However even when you are not on duty, a PK has to be available to suit up whenever called.
Being a Peacekeeper isn't just about being able to eject troublemakers - (every eject we do is logged) we also assist users in anyway we can with anything to do with AW. We arbitrate between building disputes, handle harassment issues between users, help newcomers be welcomed into AW, investigate world violations and much more. Finally, we also have alot of fun too!

Sounds interesting? Want to give it a try? If so fill out that Application form and best of luck!

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