Common Eclipse Commands
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Information on using the Eclipse Evolution 2 relay system in use in Alphaworld, AWTeen, Mars, COFMeta, Atlantis and WildAW.

Join Chat Channel

^connect - Joins the world (primary) chat channel

^connect #swcity - Joins the SW City chat channel

^quit - Quits the world channel

^quit #swcity - Quits the SW City chat channel

^chat - Show each of your current channels and status

Channel Comman

^channels - Show a list of the channels and how many users each contains

^who - List all the users on your current channel

^who <#chan> - List the users in a particular channel (must be connected to it)

Passive Mod

In passive mode your chat is only broadcast to the members of the channel if you prefix each

message with /s for example:

/s hello everyone

^cs/pasv - Tells you if you are in normal or passive mode

^chat passive - Sets yourself to passive

^chat normal - Sets yourself to normal mode

Default Channe

Your default channel is what your chat goes to unless you explicitly specify a different channel.

^use - Show default channel

^use #chan - Set your default channel


Block people from contacting you via chat

^mute <name> - Mutes a given person - Use exact name

^unmute <name> - Unmute a given person - use exist name

^mute -list - Shows everyone on your mute list

Shortcut Command

/s <message> - Send a message to your main channel even in passive mode

/c <#chan> <message> - Sends a message to a given channel you are connected to.

/w <name>, <message> - Sends a private message to the named user anywhere in the world

Jump Point

^jump <name> - Teleports you to the location of the jump specified by <name>.

^jump random() - Teleports you to a randomly selected jump point.

^jump -info <name> - Shows the information about a certain jump point including location and owner.

^jump/create <name> - Drops a jump point at your current location (citizens only) - names must be unique in the


^jump/delete <name> - Deletes one of your jump points.

^jump/list - Shows all of your jump points you have created

^jump/near - Shows 5 or 6 of the nearest jump points sorted by distance.

Other Stuf

^boost <distance> - Warps you forward by <distance> meters - great for exploring

^coords - Have the bot tell you where you are, altitude is in meters

Additional Topics

Free Joi

Freejoin lets you have other people join you in whatever location you are in - most useful for events. Think of it

as the AW equivilent of skype's "skype me" status.

^freejoin on - Activates freejoin, people may join you if they wish

^freejoin off - Disables freejoin

^freejoin list - Shows the names of everyone with freejoin enabled.

^join - Teleports you to the location of someone with freejoin enabled

Moderation Command

These are only available to Peacekeepers and the likes.

^eject <user>, <duration>, <reason> - Eject a user for a given duration in minutes, reason is required

^bringme <user> - Brings a user to your current location for a stern talking to

^takeme <user> - Teleports you to the users location (opposite of ^bringme)

^locate <name> - Locate a given user

^locate -fe - Locate a user with additional information such as IP, DNS and build number

^cs/kick <user>, <channel>, <length> - Kick a person from a channel for a given number of minutes

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