Activeworlds, Inc to Sponsor Engage! Expo (VW09)
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Activeworlds Inc, while a regular exhibitor in the annual Virtual Worlds Expo has this year taken the additional step of becoming a leading sponsor.

The Virtual Worlds Expo, since re-branded as the "Engage! Expo" is the largest conference of Virtual World and Online Reality providers in the world and will this year be taking place in the Javits Center, NY between on March 10th and 11th.

In terms of common Activeworlds users this move presents a welcomed step from Activeworlds, Inc towards greater promotion of the Activeworlds software - something that has long been seen as a major weakness in overall strength of the AW platform due to their almost exclusive use of white-label sales to major clients.

At this time it is unknown what participation, if any, Universe Prime will be taking in the Activeworlds official presentations and promotional material - although sponsors are being directed towards the main website in most locations that the sponsorship logo is displayed.

[limg]/media/imglib_general/engageconf.jpg[/limg]It is expected that Activeworlds, Inc will be displaying some of the recent advancements in the technology that they have been developing over the past year including enhancements to the IBM virtual worlds.

Another feature AWI is expected to push with during the Engage! Conference is the new support for far-eastern markets with the introduction of Unicode support in version 5.0 currently under development.

Activeworlds, Inc will be exhibiting from booth #31 directly opposite the meeting and keynote rooms of the Javits Center.

Other major sponsors include SuperRewards, Habbo Hotel and the Electric Sheep Company.

Thanks to Poseidon for the tip-off

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