[Contest] AWTeen Cribs
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The AWTeen Cribs building contest courtesy of Shli.

From Shli

The moment you've all been waiting for - an AWTeen event!

I invite you to take part in our first event under our new system. This building contest is based around building your dream homes, and doing what you can to make yours the most impressive!

If anyone has watched Cribs on MTV, you know exactly how it works. We walk through your million dollar mansion and you stun us with your outrageously expensive stuff.

The contest begins today. Please telegram me for a lot. Remember, these are mansions, not little square box homes!!

For information about Cribs the TV show, please go here.

Visit the building site at AWTeen 3321.42N 97.16W 0.16a 179

Any kind of support from world owners is greatly appreciated! By that I mean posting my banner for this event in your GZ. Just telegram me for it. This is for all ages so if you don't normally hang out here, please don't hesitate to come over and grab a lot. We don't bite.... hard.

Questions or comments Just Ask Me!!
Thank you

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