[Contest] AWTeen GZ Building '09
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Would you like to win a 2 year citizenship extension? You can by helping AWTeen find itself a new Ground Zero.

Flagg has announced that the next AWTeen Ground Zero will be decided by competition, with groups invited to submit their GZ designs and then chosen by community vote.

The Rules

For those interested in joining, the rules are as follows:

* 1. To join the contest, e-mail tom@activeworlds.com.
* 2. Contestants will receive one assigned P-20/4 to work in.
* 2. Each GZ entry can be up to a P-20 in size.
* 3. Each GZ must be created under tne Citizen number, but friends can help you using your, or a defined, ppw.
* 4. Each GZ must be rated PG or lower.
* 5. Each GZ must use the AWTeen Object Path.
* 6. This contest is limited to Citizens who have not been banned from AWTeen in the last year.
* 7. The contest will end on February 9th and the winning GZ will be moved to AWTeen.
* 8. The winning GZ creator will also receive 2 years of Activeworlds added to their Citizenship and a plaque at the new GZ location.

Already several prominent builders have expressed interest in participating, but more are needed to ensure the community gets the best selection from which to choose.

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