AWEdu Launched
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AWI launches its AWEdu Universe. Notable visitors include Michael Heim, Margaret Corbit and Bonnie DeVarco.

[quote]On Monday, September 27, The Active Worlds Educational Universe held it's first *Open House* event, a first of its kind event for the educational community. Educators from around the globe were invited to come tour the revolutionary educational environments that the Active Worlds technology makes possible, as well as participate in discussions with veteran VR (virtual reality) education specialists.

- Michael Heim, author of the acclaimed Electric Language and Virtual Realism discussed the Art Center College of Design's innovative approach to virtual space as an educational tool.
- Margaret Corbit, Science Writer for the Cornell Theory Center, took educators on a virtual tour of Cornell University's SciCentr, a virtual exploration of scientific methods and data;
- Bonnie DeVarco, Director of the V-UCSC project, shared some of the experiences of the University of California at Santa Cruz's highly successful virtual campus and orientation program.

The day culminated in a fantastic hands-on exploration of Geometry with the Struck Team.[/quote]


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