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== The Introduction ==

Cy Awards: Please welcome builder extraordinaire Bach Zhaa

Bach Zhaa: Good Evening everyone and Welcome to the Cy Awards Ceremony 2008.
Bach Zhaa: Its such an honor to be asked to come before the community to open this monumental event,Its such an honor to be asked to come before the community to open this monumental event,
Bach Zhaa: because, can you believe it? ...
Bach Zhaa: We are celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Cy Awards!!!
Bach Zhaa: During the past decade, we have watched Activeworlds grow up and we have honored the best of the best, and again this year you, the citizens, were asked to nominate and vote for the greatest AW has to offer.
Bach Zhaa: The community has spoken and tonight we are here to announce those winners.
Bach Zhaa: Without furthur delay, I am pleased to introduce the CYO of the Cy Awards, Lady Teal.

Lady TeaL: Thank you Bach Zhaa
Lady TeaL: During my tenure as the CYO of the Cy Awards, the event has grown into a new world with a new nominating and voting system that represents the fairest possible method.
Lady TeaL: I want to thank Active Worlds and all its employees for allowing us to put on this great event.
Lady TeaL: Specifically I would like to thank chrispeg, Tengel, tunablues, dreamer2, Pelican, Digigurl, Siliconmana, Desireless, DMC2U and our latest addition MaxPoly.
Lady TeaL: for all they bring to the CY's in help making this event get better and better with each and every year.
Lady TeaL: I would also like to thank all of you for your participation that makes the event a success each year.
Lady TeaL: We are pleased that citizens like Ivie who have attended this event for years and have been with Active Worlds from its inception
Lady TeaL: These citizens who have participated for over a decade deserve our gratitude as keepers of the universe and thus allowing us a home.
Lady TeaL: And now on with the awards the real reason you came tonight.

Best Build

Cy Awards: The citizen with a plan E. Pluribus Unum Presenting Best Build

E. Pluribus Unum: Now I know you all have built a few times in your AW experience or you’ve seen some fantastic ones
E. Pluribus Unum: Well today I will be showing you all the hard work and dedication that people put into building these builds
E. Pluribus Unum: I’ve seen good builds and I’ve seen builds with gaps but hey we learn from past mistakes and make it into the CY Awards later : D
E. Pluribus Unum: but today is a special moment
E. Pluribus Unum: Whether one wins or one loses the builder should be proud that they were nominated and presented at the AW CY Awards
E. Pluribus Unum: The Finalists of the CY Awards are:
E. Pluribus Unum: Pelican and his “Pelican’s Railroad System”
E. Pluribus Unum: TobyTaylor and his “TobyTaylor’s Chinese Village"
E. Pluribus Unum: And last but not least Mike and his “Space Shuttle”
E. Pluribus Unum: The Winner of this years AW CY Awards 2008 for Best Build is
E. Pluribus Unum: Pelican and his “Pelican’s Railroad System” GIVE IT UP FOR PELICAN

Best Event

Cy Awards: The birdman himself WOODY. Presenting Best Event

WOODY.: The Best Event
WOODY.: The best event category represents what the citizens deemed to be highly fun and informative. These events take great effort to organize and execute.
WOODY.: The finalists are:
WOODY.: GSK Tower of Terror in 3D
WOODY.: Brant Activeworlds Technology Celebration
WOODY.: Digigurl Opening of Yellow
WOODY.: The Winner Is
WOODY.: Digigurl

[color=#000077]Digigurl: O_O
Digigurl: wow! I am certainly very glad the revival of yellow has been very successful! This event took place November 30th
Digigurl: (2007)
Digigurl: With a max of 50 something users at the party, it was a night to remember! thank you all for showing your support for yellow!
Digigurl: You all rock! = D
Digigurl: thanks everyone ^_^[/color]

Best Leader

Cy Awards: Active Worlds very on transformer Optimus Prime presenting Best Leader

Optimus Prime: Good Evening
Optimus Prime: Best Leader
Optimus Prime: Best Leader is defined as a person that leads; directing, commanding, or guiding head, as of a group or activity.
Optimus Prime: We are very fortunate in Active Worlds to have outstanding leaders. We honor some tonight.
Optimus Prime: The finalists are:
Optimus Prime: LostTear NL
Optimus Prime: Lady Teal
Optimus Prime: Digigurl
Optimus Prime: And the winner of the 2008 CY Award for Best Leader is:
Optimus Prime: Lady Teal
Optimus Prime: Congratulations Lady Teal YAY

[color=#000077]Lady TeaL: Oh My Goodness * cries tears of joy*
Lady TeaL: Thank you ALL so very much! This award really means the world to me.
Lady TeaL: I can not take all the credit for this award, because no leader does great things, without a great group of people working with him or her
Lady TeaL: I am blessed to have such a wonderful group of people in both the Gatekeepers Organization and the Cy Committee that make me look so good.
Lady TeaL: I'd like to thank AWI and all of it's entire Staff, for being there and giving me the tools, their time and the support it takes, to run these organizations.
Lady TeaL: Thank You All , from the bottom of my heart.[/color]

Best Software

Cy Awards: All the way from Yellowstone Digigurl Presenting Best Software

Digigurl: Alright!! so it is very important night for activeworlds!
Digigurl: This is the one night were we come together from all the activeworlds universe to celebrate some outstanding users and their wonderful creations.
Digigurl: So.. Speaking of wonderful creations, this years top 3 best software award nominees are
Digigurl: .... ; )
Digigurl: Byte .NET SDK Wrapper
Digigurl: I love all my fans!
Digigurl: SW Comet for SW Interactive
Digigurl: Strike Rapier his Awportals Object Search
Digigurl: can i get a drum roll?
Digigurl: drum rollzzzzzzzzz
Digigurl: And the winner of the 2008 CY Award for Best Software is

[color=#000077]Strike Rapier: Thanks everyone!
Strike Rapier: Annddd the bot is going crazy
Strike Rapier: Id like to use another part of the site to thank people...
Strike Rapier: thats the 350,000 users in the cit database...
chrispeg: mot Marks, bot, btw ; )
Strike Rapier: so... id like to thank AWLD... AWLD2.... JP...
Strike Rapier: okay, nevermind. Thanks everyone! : )[/color]

Best Avatar

Cy Awards: The quiet lady herself Gentle Heart Presenting Best Avatar

Gentle Heart: Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen
Gentle Heart smiles and waves to all of you.
Gentle Heart: It is my honor to be presenting the CY Award for Best Avatar.
Gentle Heart: I would like to Thank each and everyone of you for being here : D
Gentle Heart: Showing enthusiasm, respect and support for each other is what has made Activeworlds the impressive venue that it is today.
Gentle Heart: I am so nervous O_O
Gentle Heart: I was told to imagine everyoune in their underwear to help myself relax >.<
Gentle Heart: Then I thought to myself if we didn't have the wonderful people who create Avatars, that is exactly where we would be : O
Gentle Heart: <<< QUICKLY erases that mental image.
Gentle Heart: Everyone looks so dazzling this evening because of those we call "The Avatar Creators" : D
Gentle Heart: When Avatars first arrived on the internet they where defined as a graphical image that represented a person.
Gentle Heart: Thus the Avatars were 2D.
Gentle Heart: Active Worlds was a leader in the 3D design of the avatars and now has moved into the PAV and CAV system.
Gentle Heart: This award is for those who custom Design an Avatar for a person or persons.
Gentle Heart: With all the creative and skilled Avatar Creators we have in Activeworlds I am amazed we have been able to narrow down the choices to three finalists!
Gentle Heart: But THE People have spoken : D In Random order your three Finalists are .............
Gentle Heart: L O for Elf Warrior
Gentle Heart: Lady Nighthawk for Kenny McC's Avatar
Gentle Heart: Aylla for 2008 Avatar Set
Gentle Heart: Congratulations go to........
Gentle Heart: L O for Elf Warrior ....... Our 2008 CY Award WINNER for Best Avatar!

[color=#000077]L O: WOW
L O: wow Im already on the stage...
L O: First of all I would like to say thanks to Stacee and Imagine for their help, when I only started to create skinned avatars.
L O: Thanks to my friends, which always help me in all my creative undertakings, special thanks to 3BEPb and Aryanatha for their help in creating particles effects for my CY Awards world: ShopAW2.
L O: I hope, that my 3D models and avatars helps people to make their worlds unique, and I hope, that my work will surprise and please you in the future also :-).
L O: thank you all![/color]

Best Community or Town

Cy Awards: Mr. Boston DMC2U Presenting Best Community or Town

DMC2U: * checks fly
DMC2U: Good evening AW!! It is so nice to be here and to see you all dressed in your AV, PAV & CAV finery!!
DMC2U: ok ok settle down ; )
DMC2U: This evening, it is my extreme pleasure to announce the winner, of the Cy Award in the Best Community or Town category...
DMC2U: Communities and towns here in AW are groups of individuals that come into an area and build with a common goal.
DMC2U: In most cases, the group has a shared vision, which creates a sense of wonder when the town or community is visited.
DMC2U: The diversity of these communities and towns here in AW are amazing.
DMC2U: pauses for the cause NOT
DMC2U: The Finalists this year for Best Community or Town are...
DMC2U: shli for shli a la mode
DMC2U: GC for Cypress Hollow
DMC2U: And last but not least.....
DMC2U: Sirqus for Horizon City.
DMC2U: And... The Winner for Best Community or Town in Activeworld in 2008 is ..........
DMC2U: * drops envelope
DMC2U: Sirqus
DMC2U: for Horizon City

[color=#000077]Sirqus: Wow! Thank you all
Sirqus: Thanks to the community and the person who made the nomination!
Sirqus: In my nine years time at Activeworlds, this is one of the great moments that I sure will remember.
Sirqus: I want to thank Activeworlds Inc for providing this unique virtual environment and maintaining its largest world.
Sirqus: There is no other place anywhere that gives us such freedom to build as Alphaworld does.
Sirqus: With this freedom and the latest features, we can build almost anything. From smallest details to huge cities.
Sirqus: Yes We Can!
Sirqus waves to the audience[/color]

Best Interactive Game

Cy Awards: Everyone's mom Mom Di Presenting Best Interactive Game

Mom Di: Good evening {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Everyone}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} It is my pleasure to be able to present the Award for Best Interactive Game
Mom Di: Interactive games are one of the foundations of Active Worlds. It takes commitment in manufacturing the game and in hosting the games. We have seen these games evolve each year into a better platform for all of us to enjoy.
Mom Di: All three of the nominees this year had dedicated a large portion of their time here to make an adventure for all of us to enjoy.
Mom Di: The three finalists are:
Mom Di: Poseidon AWRPG
Mom Di: Queen RaMel o America Bingo
Mom Di: SW Comit SW Interactive
Mom Di: And the winner of the 2008 CY Award for Best Interactive Game is:
Mom Di: Poseidon AWRPG
Mom Di: ºº¤"§"¤ºº*ºº¤"§ §"¤ºº*ºº¤"§ Congratulations §"¤ºº*ºº¤"§ §"¤ºº*ºº¤"§"¤ºº*ºº¤"§

[color=#000077]Poseidon: Greetings everyone : ) Thanks for selecting AWRPG as the winner of this category!
Poseidon: We've been around for nearly 7 years now, which is ridiculous.. And when we first came around, interactive games were a strange concept in AW ; )
Poseidon: You all have contributed, not just AWRPG, in making gaming in AW altogether better
Poseidon: So cheers to AW in general, and thanks for the recognition : )[/color]

Spirit of CY

Cy Awards: Our CYO Lady Teal Presenting the Spirit of Cy Awards

Lady TeaL: Are We having Fun : )
Lady TeaL: Free Food and Drinks for All
Lady TeaL: The Spirit Award is given to those individuals that have dedicated their time and efforts to enhance the experience of Active Worlds for all citizens. These people are selfless in their hard work and should be remembered forever.
Lady TeaL: We humbly thank them with the Spirit Award.
Lady TeaL: Ciena - for her tireless work in the America Worlds and for hosting events as well as helping builders we honor Ciena with the Spirit Award.
Lady TeaL: It is hard to imagine the effort it takes to maintain her worlds as well as the America Worlds system. Ciena is also a great builder herself.
Lady TeaL: Join me in congratulating ""--- (¯`°´¯) ---""Ciena, ""--- (¯`°´¯)---"" a Spirit Award Winner. *clap clap clap*

[color=#000077]Ciena: : )
Ciena: I would like to thank The Cy team for giving this award to me. I am honored to accept it
Ciena: I have no idea what I did to deserve this. All I do is build build build.
Ciena: I would like to thank Activeworlds for providing this universe and it's still #1 to me.
Ciena: I would like to thank Jetta Lewis for providing the world America for us to build in.
Ciena: I also thank all the AB's (AB=American Builders) for all their hard work. I am very proud of them for makeing America the beautiful diverse world that it is.
Ciena: Thanks again for this honor.
Ciena: hugss to all : )[/color]

Lady TeaL: Join me in congratulating ""--- (¯`°´¯) ---""Ciena, ""--- (¯`°´¯)---"" a Spirit Award Winner. *clap clap clap*

Lady TeaL: Maki gives tirelessly to maintaining the Active Worlds Newsletter, the SAW awards and the maintaining of the AWexpo website.
Lady TeaL: His efforts to keep the citizens informed of the happenings in the universe are second to none. We honor maki with the Spirit Award
Lady TeaL: Join me in congratulating ""--- (¯`°´¯) ---""maki, ""--- (¯`°´¯)---"" a Spirit Award Winner. *clap clap clap*

[color=#000077]maki: Thank you : )
maki: Just about everything I do here in AW is about observing the amazing things you all do and create and sharing those with the community.
maki: So YOU are the reason I am here and I thank you for that. I have very much enjoyed the opportunities AW has given me.
maki: Thanks : )[/color]
Lady TeaL: WhooooooHoooooooo

Lady TeaL: Siliconmana - was nominated for her beta work and design of AW@4D as well as models for the Cy Awards.
Lady TeaL: Her efforts have furthered the AW experience for all of us. She helps promote the program in other areas and never sleeps. The great thing about the event this year is a lot more of you have been able to meet Siliconmana for yourself.
Lady TeaL: So, we honor Siliconmana with the Spirit Award
Lady TeaL: Join me in congratulating ""--- (¯`°´¯) ---"" Siliconmana,""--- (¯`°´¯)---"" a Spirit Award Winner. *clap clap clap*

[color=#000077]Siliconmana: WOWEE l'm....blown away thanks so much all : D D
Siliconmana: I'd just like to quickly thank AWI, my special friends and those who've supported and appreciated my work in Aw!
Siliconmana: Its a great privilege to receive this award.
Siliconmana: and once again, thanks so much!!! : D[/color]

Best Media Presentation

dreamer2: presenting for Pelican and Kenneth : )
dreamer2: Media is made up of music, voice, movies, and other instruments. Media adds to the exploration of the universe. Media also allows the citizens to keep a record of the past and present.
dreamer2: and it's my honor to have 3 that deserve but only one will win
dreamer2: 306637 SW Chris Active Worlds Exploration Demo
dreamer2: 299422 MaXPoly's MaX-Pro Systems
dreamer2: 280835 Veger o PKToons Radio Station
dreamer2: drum roll pleasee ; )
dreamer2: And the winner of the 2008 CY Award for Best Media Presentation is: (Veger o for the Veger the Crazy man from Mars show)
dreamer2: congrats crazy man Veger o : )

[color=#000077]Veger o: I"M FREAKING
Veger o: weird i am stuck
Veger o: i can't move sorry
Veger o: oh wait i am on stage
Veger o: AW ROCKS!
Veger o: CHEERS TO ALL MY FRIENDS OF AW! YUAL ROCK! : ) Smiles I just try to help out a tiny Bit!
Veger o: This is the point where Everything i am suppoesed to talk about slips my mind!
Veger o: and i go off on things that don't matter at all. Go Figure 0_0 : ) Big Smiles
Veger o: As i Always say my friends I HAVE NO CLUE of what i am doing! I just Fake it as long as its in the NAME OF FUN! : ) Smiles
Veger o: There is a HUGE Amount of PPL and Friends i have to thank for All this cause for me to be here today (Thanks to MY FRIENDS OF AW! Thankyou) It Takes a LOT of People in the background we never see Helping OUT! : ) BIG SMILES
Veger o: I'm FREAKING
Veger o: FIRST and Formost! M'Lady Kiwi! : ) Smiles I am the person everybody knows today because of You. Your Caring ways, your kindness and your Love for Friendship is Overwhelming and Rubs off on ppl.
Veger o: Thank you very much sweetheart for all these years you put up with me and the Radio. I Will NEVER forget that Winks
Veger o: ReTired PeaceKeeper Mr Class 3! Thankyou very much my dear friend for having FAITH in me when nobody else would. That to i Will NEVER Forget!
Veger o: Without this gentelman there would be NO PKTOONS RADIO! You put up with a LOT from me but in the long run we always came out ON TOP becuase we work as a Team! THANKYOU My Dear Friend My Respect for You and our Friendship will last ForEver! : ) Smil
Veger o: I would like to Thank ALL the Dj's i have worked with Including the BEST of the BEST with the Dj's on PKToons Radio. The Myth, Asuran, Phlip, Mariane, Desireless and GoodPerson! THANKYOU Team Mates.
Veger o: THANKYOU Team Mates. If we have a Party and another DJ shows up just to be there with the Party Not only adds to the Party but Helps the DJ on duty have a GREAT Time being part of the Team. They Motivate and that is what Team Work is all about THAN
Veger o: THANKYOU my dear friends YUAL ROCK![/color]

Best Website

Cy Awards: The lighthouse keeper for Active Worlds Capaboo Presenting Best Website

Capaboo: Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen and Welcome to The Cy Awards 2008
Capaboo: It is my pleasure to be presenting the Cy Award for Best Website ( AW Content).
Capaboo: Websites have grown in stature over the last few years and are now a standard.
Capaboo: The websites are one of the best tools to communicate information to help the citizens' exploration of the Activeworlds universe.
Capaboo: The finalists for Best Website are:
Capaboo: Pelican, Pelican3d website
Capaboo: Strike Rapier, Awportals . com
Capaboo: DMC2U - DMC2U's AW Pages
Capaboo: May I Have the envelope please? Opens envelope. The winner of the 2008 CY Award for Best Website is...
Capaboo: The Winner is, Strike Rapier AW Portals
Capaboo: Congratulations Strike Rapier

[color=#000077]Strike Rapier: ....
Strike Rapier: SILENCE!
Strike Rapier: I shall keep it short and sweet as I am kinda busy on MSN laughing at Ryan ejecting Ferruccio from the CYs for the 2nd or 3rd year running...
Strike Rapier: I'd like to thank all of the users, the AW Press Corps, Andras, Micromouse 3D and especially all those that have contributed their buildings and votes to the world sidebars since their creation.
Strike Rapier: I would also like to thank AWI for putting up with my constant gloating that my website is better than their official one.
Strike Rapier: ...
Strike Rapier: that is all.[/color]

Best Bot Design

Cy Awards: From the mid west impy KN Presenting Best Bot Design

impy KN: Good Evening,
impy KN flashes an impish grin
impy KN: The next Catagory up is Best Bot Design
impy KN: This award included scripting this year as well as pure bot design. Scripting for these bots can be as useful as the bots themselves when applied in certain situations.
impy KN: The bots are one of the major perks of Active Worlds and become fast friends of the owners. These tools enhance the experience of the citizens and provide safety features for the protection of data and the explorers themselves.
impy KN: The finalists are:
impy KN: Karten for Karten's World and Universal Scripting
impy KN: Strike Rapier for Eclipse Evolution
impy KN: Goshenta for Goshenta's RPG Bot
impy KN: And the winner of the 2008 CY Award for Best Bot Design is.......
impy KN gives a long drum roll and opens the envelope....
impy KN: …. KARTEN!!!

[color=#000077]Karten: Wow
Karten: I will say this is a very high honor
Karten: many hours have gone into my scripting
Karten: and i want top thank AWI RZick and JP
Karten: for providing then venue
Karten: XelaG for he Xelaogot and all the other bot creatores that have come and gone
Karten: thank all that utilize my script
Karten: and thanks to eeveryone in AW and have a good year[/color]

Best Effect

Cy Awards: From the home of the Red Sox DMC2U Presenting Best Effect

DMC2U: Good Evening once again Ladies and Gentlemen. Is everyone having a good time?
DMC2U: It is my extreme pleasure to announce the winner of the Cy Award for the Best Effects category......
DMC2U: During the past few years with the added features in the AW Browser, AW has taken on new life.
DMC2U: Thanks to the work of AW programmers, modelers and artists, the possibilities for fantastic effects have grown tremendously.
DMC2U: Best Effects means a build using the new version 4 additions such as particle emitters, movers, scale, camera, and much more.
DMC2U: The following are the builds chosen by you the citizens of AW as this years best!
DMC2U: They are....
DMC2U: Mariane for Haunted Castle
DMC2U: GSK for Tower of Terror in 3D
DMC2U: And last but not least...
DMC2U: MaXPoly for Virlands Systems "AlphaPrime"
DMC2U: And The Winner this year for Best Effects is............. Drum Roll please…
DMC2U: MaxPoly
DMC2U: Congratulations MaX WTG Whooo hooooo *****Applause****

[color=#000077]MaXPoly: Well im happy to be here
MaXPoly: ow dreamer can take a spot pussing buttons
MaXPoly: we all know that aw has its onw special magic
MaXPoly: its created in the spirit of al of you and all of you with us today
MaXPoly: effects can only be the greatest if the people we make them for are just as great
MaXPoly: you are the life the spirit and the soil of max and i thankyou very much for the pleasure to make you all happy and smile
MaXPoly: and max cant type for nothing
MaXPoly: thaks all my family[/color]

Best Landscape

Cy Awards: The winged man himself Chanes Presenting Best Landscape

Chanes: *smiles*
Chanes: Good evening, one and all! Thank you all for coming!! This category is all about the Best Landscapings created.
Chanes: As the browser becomes more effective, landscaping can make the difference between worlds looking 2D versus realism. Landscaping is one of the key components to a well designed build.
Chanes: The finalists in the Best Landscaping category are:
Chanes: OhioMan o, in the world OhMy!!!
Chanes: Digigurl, in the world Yellow
Chanes: Karu, in the world Enchant
Chanes: And the winner of the 2008 CY Award for Best Landscaping is:
Chanes: *fumbles with card ... aggressively trying to rip open envelope. Gets papercut.....*
Chanes: Ok, here we are - the winner for Best Landscaping goes to *looks up at all the anxious faces*...... ___________ !! Congratulations!!!
Chanes: Digigurl!
Chanes: wooo hoo

[color=#000077]Digigurl: Thank ya!! wow chanes you drew that one out ; )
Digigurl: wow!haha.. you know the funny thing about this award?
Digigurl: I started making the mountains in yellow, i started with the built-in Caretaker terrain editor...and my mountains looked like crap : P
Digigurl: So thank you Dr. Squailboont for Hosting demeter for me. Without demeter, Yellow would have never won this award : P
Digigurl: Thank you all for your votes, i'm glad you like the Ground zero!!!
Digigurl: <3 you all ^_^[/color]

Best Object Design

Cy Awards: Is there a doctor in the house NurseMom Presenting Best Object Design

NurseMom: Good Evening and Hugsss to you all, Thank you all for being here this fine evening. This category is my favorite for sure..... Best Object Design:
NurseMom: Object design is an art form that very few citizens experience. It takes a great deal of time and effort to manufacture a model that has all the detail to make it look real.
NurseMom: The true artists have designed models or tools that help us create the most realistic builds possible. We salute all the object designers.
NurseMom: This category winner was decided by one vote.
NurseMom: The finalists are:
NurseMom: dreamer2 for her "che" furniture group
NurseMom: Pelican for Locomotives in Ciena10
NurseMom: MaxPoly for the R.M.S. Titanic
NurseMom: And the winner of the 2008 CY Award for Best Object Design is............"drum roll........................"
NurseMom: dreamer2 for her "che" furniture group

[color=#000077]dreamer2: wow! Thanks !!
dreamer2: I lost my speech thingee
dreamer2: looks around
dreamer2: thanks so much for appreciating the che group of models
dreamer2: I wanted to give it all to you - and the best way was to put it in freebie world
dreamer2: thanks for your vote - too : )
dreamer2: <waves to all>[/color]

Best World

Cy Awards: The Snow Lady Frosta Presenting Best World

Frosta: Well Lady Teal said I couldn't say Howdy all and I had to wear shoes tonight : ( SOOOOO
Frosta: Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen : ) I am so honored to be presenting the CY Award for Best World : )
Frosta: I hope you had to chance to visit all the worlds nominated this year. It is a treat to see a world designed correctly which means the design takes you to another place and time.
Frosta: The worlds create moods and excitement as you see models and designs not seen in public worlds because the owner has control of all aspects.
Frosta: And the finalists are:
Frosta: TobyTaylor For Edgeworld
Frosta: Karu For Enchant
Frosta: Digigurl For Yellowstone
Frosta: And the Winner of the 2008 CY Award for Best World is: !!!!
Frosta: The person who we have watched go from Pig tails to a Pleasant,Polite Young Woman along with her side kick Ranger Rick has brought a Welcoming new life back to Yellow
Frosta: Congratulations Digigurl !!!

[color=#000077]Digigurl: : O ! oh my!
Digigurl: Wow thanks guys! Ya know i totally just stole E N Z O's world.. but its all ood ; ) thanks enzo ;P
Digigurl: So on a more serious note, Yellow has been the first to rise up in the moldy oldie world revival attempt. I'm very happy and excited to see it thriving once again! Thank you all for your votes! Viva la Yellow! hehehe!
Digigurl: Thank y'all ; D
Digigurl: much < 3[/color]

Write In Category

Cy Awards: The man for all seasons MaXPoly for Write-in

MaXPoly: Greetings to our Active Worlds Family. It's wonderful to be here with you all to present our "Write in" group
MaXPoly: we alll hoped in the cy team we could give great voip speechs but we get to type
MaXPoly: so with out a lot of emotion sounds ill read this yeas write in group
MaXPoly: This is a fun category for all, as this area allows for pretty much anything to be nominated, thus allowing for things that were missed in the other categories.
MaXPoly: The citizens have voted and this years 2008 Write in finalists are:
MaXPoly: LostTear NL
MaXPoly: Veger o
MaXPoly: Strike Rapier
MaXPoly: all of our family fits the write in group but just 1 has to have the honer
MaXPoly: its my pleasure this year to give the write in grou award to:
MaXPoly: LostTear NL

[color=#000077]LostTear NL: OMG ty
LostTear NL: I dont talk much
LostTear NL: but I love those who hellp me to be me
LostTear NL: and dream
LostTear NL: and love you all Karten who hosts me
LostTear NL: and all those who love me to build the dream
LostTear NL: ok Im crying so I should sit down[/color]

Lifetime Achievement

Cy Awards: Finally Lady Teal to Present the Lifetime Achievement Awards

Lady TeaL: It's my great pleasure to be handing out this year's Lifetime Achievement Awards to the following recipients
Lady TeaL: Syntax - for his efforts with SW City, models, advance designs, and his ability to work with others in all arenas, we honor Syntax with the Lifetime Achievement Award
Lady TeaL: Join me in congratulating ""--- (¯`°´¯) ---""Syntax, ""--- (¯`°´¯)---"" a Lifetime Achievement Winner. *clap clap clap*

[color=#000077]Syntax: ty 4 da @word
Syntax: This is crazy
Syntax: I dont even know what to say... : O
Syntax: I've grown up in AW.. looking up to a lot of the people I see in the crowd now
Syntax: Seeing people who put so much into AW to make it the best place to hang out with Ferruccio
Syntax: Im speechless, thank you for this honor.
Syntax: HAIRSQUARS![/color]
Lady TeaL: WhoooooooooooHoooooooooooooooo

Lady TeaL: There is so much to be said about the work chrispeg has done. His efforts in advancing the browser as well as communications on the additions would win this award alone.
Lady TeaL: We need to add his help with individuals and help with events and presentations. It has been a pleasure to work with chrispeg and we honor him with the Lifetime Achievement Award.
Lady TeaL: Join me in congratulating ""--- (¯`°´¯) ---""Chrispeg, ""--- (¯`°´¯)---"" a Lifetime Achievement Winner. *clap clap clap*

[color=#000077]chrispeg: thank you! : )
chrispeg: *taps on micro*
chrispeg: cant speak --- i guess that's a bug lol
tunablues: haha
Tengel: hehe
Lady TeaL: lol
chrispeg: you know, just a couple of month ago, i celebrated my 10th anniversery in AW
Lady TeaL: WhoooooooooooooooHoooooooooooooooooo
chrispeg: it has been lots of fun all the over the years, and that shall remain! : )
chrispeg: fun is all that counts really
chrispeg: I hope you enjoy the show today, as I doo
chrispeg: thank you all for the honor : )
chrispeg: Lady Teal[/color]

Lady TeaL: This is a happy and poignant time for me as we close the ceremony
Lady TeaL: It is always great to have an event of this stature to bring the community together. I hope this year you enjoyed the expanded version of the awards with the nominee dance with the new sequences that improved the party.
Lady TeaL: We are thankful to PKToons for hosting the music that lasted for days and for their efforts at the CY Ball that starts in just a few minutes. I also want to take this time to thank all the presenters for a job well done.
Lady TeaL: I am so proud to be a citizen of active worlds. We thank you for your support each and every year. 10 years ago this was just a thought and now it is a major production that is just pure fun.
Lady TeaL: Now let's continue our fun by dancing the night away in the Ballroom Lets Party like it was 1998 again. WhooooooooooooooHooooooooooooooooooo.
Lady TeaL: Thank you all again and see you next year. Don't forget to check out the fireworks display 25.65S 8.32W 0.05a 176

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