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DAYTON, Ohio—October 11, 2008—Active Worlds Expo today announces its third annual trade show event for the Active Worlds 3D Metaverse.

The show is scheduled to run from November 21 to November 23, 2008. Users can download the Active Worlds browser at and teleport to the world 'awexpo' where the event is hosted.

"Our purpose this year is to further the ability of the Active Worlds community and VR-based business to illuminate, demonstrate, and promote their goods and services and creations to the general public," said Christopher Walker, exhibit coordinator for Active Worlds Expo.

Some of the exhibitors involved with the expo this year include the software development houses Turtleflight and ImaBot,,, and Draedan Entertainment, developers of AWRPG and the forthcoming Ashianae's Journey, a standalone role playing computer game based on the Active Worlds software.

[limg]/media/imglib_general/awexpo08.jpg[/limg]In addition to show floor exhibits, there will also be scheduled demonstrations and seminars as well as three open house periods each night during the weekend of the show. These open houses are times when booth exhibitors will be present to talk with visitors and answer questions about their booth and their exhibitions. Scheduling information for these events will be posted on before the show opens on November 21.

About Active Worlds Exp

The Active Worlds Expo is the brainchild of the user Newman111 and Christopher Walker, who wished to give the community of Active Worlds an opportunity to raise awareness of their talent, services, and products among the Active Worlds community and visitors. The Active Worlds Expo is hosted this year by the user Digigurl and Christopher Walker with help from the users Strike Rapier and maki. Active Worlds Expo 2008 is sponsored by Active Worlds, Inc.,,, and SWCity.Net.

About Active World

Active Worlds is an online service that is part of the emergent metaverse, the 3D Internet. Active Worlds permits users to enter, move about and interact with others in a computer generated, three-dimensional virtual environment using the Internet. In the virtual worlds created in the three-dimensional environment, users are also able to create objects and structures which other users can see and interact with in real time. Clients from a wide spectrum of services, such as Boeing, Siemens, Cornell, and many more are currently using the Activeworlds technology.

Press Contact:
Christopher Walker
Active Worlds Expo and SWCity.Net
Phone: (719) 432-9816

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