Digitell Launches Virtual Conference Center
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Digitell takes advantage of Activeworlds in e-conference operations.

August 25, 2008 - Digitell introduced its new Virtual Convention Center at the recent ASAE conference in San Diego. Meeting planners got a first time look into the future, which, with the high cost of travel, is very quickly becoming the here and now. "The response was overwhelming", says Steve Parker, VP, Digitell, "I have never seen so much excitement over a new technology. Our booth was wall to wall people, every day and they could quickly see the benefits that this technology could bring to their organizations"

Digitell's Virtual Convention Center allows you to conduct all levels of meetings from small Board meetings to large General Sessions, where communication can be verbal using VoIP technology or can be written via text either privately or publicly. Presentations can be either live or recorded and can run anytime or be set to run at a certain time. Attendees move around the Virtual Convention Center as an Avatar (a digital representation of themselves) just like they would do in real life.

[limg]/media/imglib_news/digitell_1.jpg[/limg]The most exciting opportunity for meeting planners is the ability to recreate your exhibit hall in the Virtual Convention Center. Exhibiters can now have a presence 24/7, 365 days per year. Attendees can learn about new products and new companies at their leisure and watch videos, download brochures, send e-mails or visit the company’s web site without ever leaving the Virtual Convention Center. This virtual exhibit hall provides an opportunity for a significant additional revenue stream for the association.

Digitell's Virtual Convention Center is a complete "Turn-Key" system that provides all the technology you need to start running your virtual meetings and conferences. It includes complete meeting invitations, online registration, Avatar creation, statistics on who visits, how often they visit, what booths they visit, etc, full e-commerce for company's to actually sell their products online, and a virtual calendar to post events.

“I was amazed at the level of knowledge that CEO’s and Executive Directors had about virtual technology. It shows that virtual worlds like Second Life and the new Nintendo Wii have definitely impacted the knowledge level of senior executives”, says Jim Parker. President of Digitell. “The most exciting thing is the interest was not only from association executive directors, but, from convention centers themselves and AMCs”, adds Parker.

To learn more about Digitell's Virtual Convention Center, you can attend our virtual social, September 24, 2008 from 7:00pm to 7:30pm EST or go to www.virtualbeginnings.com or call 800-249-2662.

Digitell Inc. is a leading producer of multimedia digital solutions for the conference industry. Digital solutions include digital libraries, digital directories, online evaluations and CME, a digital syllabus, web 2.0 functionality, and virtual worlds including their newly released Virtual Convention Center. The main web site is www.digitellinc.com.

ASAE, the American Society of Association Executives, & The Center for Association Leadership are two organizations linked together by a common belief and passion. We believe that associations have the power to transform society for the better. Our passion is to help associations and association professionals achieve previously unimaginable levels of performance and reach even higher goals. www.asaecenter.org.

For More Information, Please Contact:
Steve Parker

Steven Parker
VP, Sales and Marketing
Digitell Inc.
Boston, MA
Phone : 800-249-2662
Fax : 716-664-2047

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