AWBingo Launched
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AWBingo had its Grand Opening for Wednesday Nite Bingo.

[quote]The first Wednesday Nite Bingo was so popular that we ran out of cards! Hamfon and Young Shamus decided to fix that! So, they put their heads together, and whipped up a new AWBingo that's faster, has more cards, and will make it way more fun!

Each game consists of 10 rounds, and the winners of each game are eligible to win a prize like worlds, PS in AW, Special Objects, citizenships, etc...! [/quote]

Winners Include
Prof Oak, Nerilka, jippydawg, Image360, Sailor Moon, OreoGirl, CCTech, balov, Growlith, spector, Gallop, Internal Affairs, Byte Me and Ima Genius!


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