Maple Valley in Full Bloom
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A new and unique building area in Yellow World.

Yellow World -- From ascending mountains to flowing streams, Maple Valley is a practical home away from home. Situated in Yellow world, this fertile valley is the latest update to the world by its watchful caretaker, Digigurl.

Maple Valley is a pre-terrained building area, sporting customized terrain for the builders. Such features are a far-cry from the standard flat grasslands of the world.

In this area, builders can now have a lakeside home or mountain cabin without having to build the entire environment themselves!

[wcimg=The welcome area of Maple Valley]/media/imglib_yellow/yel003.jpg[/wc]
Not intent on breaking the theme of the world, a cabin has been placed in the center of the valley as the ground zero area. Quick teleports to the Yellow object yard and texture yard can be found there. A small list of rules can also be found here.

For builders, the global Apollo bot services are always available here. To begin building, just find your ideal location and say ap:seed!

Also, holes in the terrain or any other local services can be arranged by Digigurl on request.

As a final accompaniment to this new area, Digigurl also announced that the object path had been updated. If you're interested in building in Maple Valley, you can teleport there or say ap:goto PT2 in Yellow World.

This article was provided to AWPortals by the Active Worlds Press Corps. Authored by Hyper Anthony.

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