AWMyths 1st Anniversary Contest
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A contest to create your own quest in AWMyths world by July 15th.

AWMyths World -- Do you think you have a cool idea for an adventure-type quest that people will enjoy?

Build a rough sketch of it in a public building world such as AW, AWTeen, or Yellow world! If you're not a good builder, then assemble a team of builders to collectively work on the project!

All ideas will be judged on July 15th with the winner receiving build rights in AWMyths on July 16th to put his/her/their creation into action! In addition, every member of the submission group will receive 5,000 SP (in-game money).

In order to place a submission, please send an e-mail to with the following criteria:

1. Name(s) of all people involved.
2. Coordinates to the rough sketch of the adventure.
3. Short description of what the adventure is all about (in case it isn't clear in the build)

Remember to have all submissions in prior to July 15th!

If you're working in a group, please keep registered group members restricted to a maximum of 3 people.

This article was provided to AWPortals by the Active Worlds Press Corps. Authored by Garrick.

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