AWTeen to Hold Pioneer CAV Contest
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Details concerning a custom avatar contest this weekend in AWTeen.

AWTeen World -- Ready to show off your Custom Avatar? Wasting no time after the release of 4.2, AWTeen announced that it would be holding a CAV Contest on Saturday, June 28 at 8:00 PM VRT. The location will be announced before the event begins.

There is no general theme to judge by, so feel free to make your avatar as outrageous or as sophisticated as you please.

Participants will only be able to submit one avatar, and the best male and female avatars will win a prize.

This contest is one of the first events to utilize custom avatars. The lack of theme may make it difficult to judge fairly, and may lead to future 'beauty contests' to be themed and focused on objective qualities.

Talk of this is already being spread by some users, wanting contests to design avatars after famous people or characters.

Users that are unable to make the date can still participate! Simply upload a screenshot of your CAV and send the url to Joshua in-world.

Screenshots must be turned in by June 28.

Tip: Users who need to take a screenshot can get a full-body shot of their cav by opening up the CAV Window, and cropping the dressing room out of the screenshot.

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