Babylon Building Competition Finishes Up
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Details concerning the Babylon Building Contest and how to vote for your favorite.

AWTeen World -- Tuesday marked the last day of building in the AWTeen “Buildings of Babylon” building competition.

Started about a month ago on May 19, contestants were given one month to build any recognized Wonder of the World, as listed by Wikipedia. Because of this theme, entries were vast, ranging from the Panama Canal to the Coliseum of Rome to a wireless router, representing the Internet.

Working with a lot size four times bigger than given for normal AWTeen building contests, such as hyperbuilds, fourteen people completed their builds for the contest, which are now being voted on.

In order to vote, teleport to AWTeen, type in “^votenow”, and click on the picture of the build that you wish to vote for. Voting ends on Sunday, and results are announced that evening.

All of the builds can be seen by teleporting to 0n 3500w in AWTeen, or going into the world and typing ^jump Babylon.

This article was provided to AWPortals by the Active Worlds Press Corps. Authored by Matthew (AWTeen Correspondent).

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