AWFX Restored to Original State
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AWFX World restored after extended downtime and presenting a new sharing format.

AWFX World -- Reopening last week after extended downtime, the popular world to gather and share free matfx, particle, and zone effects was reopened by Active Worlds, Incorporated.

Following recent events concerning the expulsion of the previous caretaker, AWI assumed direct management over the world and restored the world to a backup from mid-2006.

Between this development and the prolonged closure of the world for updating, AWI Community Liaison Flagg felt it necessary to restore the world so it may be used as a public resource once again.

When prompted to comment on the current state of the world, Flagg commented:

[quote=Flagg]S e V e N s did a wonderful job with his original additions to the AWFX world.

Unfortunately, his recent update project stalled and the world has been closed for longer than we'd like for a community resource.

With Sevs now away from Activeworlds it seemed best to restore the original world so that those resources could be accessed by the community again.

We will accept submissions for adding more content, but it should only be content you make or have permission from the creator to submit.


In search of new effects to begin repopulating the world, Flagg has launched a new "share" format within the world, allowing users to create their effects on individual plots.

Users wishing to obtain a plot in AWFX to submit their original content may e-mail Flagg at

This article was provided to AWPortals by the Active Worlds Press Corps. Authored by Hyper Anthony.

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