Winter World Open For Viewing
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After several months of development, Winter opened today for public viewing.

Winter World -- Slated to be Active Worlds' next public building world, Winter world is a massive (p-500) winter-themed island that is covered with snowcapped mountains and sleepy valleys.

Led by Talisan, Winter is being developed by a small team of builders, modelers and bot developers. Their work includes a unique land-distribution bot, and various builders who are producing areas for sight-seeing.

The world is taking a different direction than other building worlds in that a bot is currently in development that will allow users to buy plots of land through a currency called Tokens.

Upon it's completion, each user will receive 3,000 initial tokens and a stipend of 1,500 tokens every following week they are active within the world.

For those interested in something more tangible, the world as it stands hosts some very beautiful sites. Upon entering Winter's ground zero the user finds themself in a grand lodge that, after short examination, is clearly the handiwork of Ferruccio.

Exploring east outside of the lodge will reveal a large world map, with important areas marked by yellow cylinders.

One such area explored was the Miraloma Hot Springs (Winter 225s 162w), which provides not only a nice break to the frozen landscape, but a scenic and slightly hidden gem.

[wcimg=Just one of the natural views in Winter World]/media/imglib_winter/winterx_2.jpg[/wc]
Our trip to Winter world was very enjoyable, and we recommend you also take a trip to visit! If you're interested in helping the Winter staff in any way, they are still looking for people to build special projects and also for modelers to make sporting goods that can be made into movers.

If this is up your alley, you can contact Talisan in-world to help out.

See you on the slopes!

This article was provided to AWPortals by the Active Worlds Press Corps. Authored by Hyper Anthony.

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