AW Press Corps Launched
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Press release from the Activeworlds Press Corps.

The Active Worlds Press Corps, a new organization devoted to promoting news organizations and writing news, unveiled their new blog today and their initiative to jump start the press community in Active Worlds.

The blogspot hosting is intended to be in place for a short time, and they will upgrade to a more permanent setting should the project be successful.

Formed out of a desire to stimulate news publishers such as AWNews and AWPortals, the Press Corps intend to organize a team from various communities through Active Worlds.

By organizing correspondents from each community, they can easily promote their own events, happenings, and general news to a central source which will then distribute it across Active Worlds.

As a new organization, the Press Corps are currently seeking writers and correspondents. If you are interested in being a correspondent for your community or have something to say and just want to be a general writer, please fill out the staff application!

News is very important to the community, because we all enjoy seeing what everyone is doing.

Join in with us and be a part of getting the news out to Active Worlds!

Article provided by Hyper Anthony.

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