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Besaid was established on February 14, 2008 by Nina Taru using a world won at an AWTeeen Hyperbuild competition.

When creating a new world the most difficult decisions to make is its name especially when you do not [limg]/media/imglib_general/besaid.jpg[/limg]know what theme you will be wanting to do with it in the following week, and certainly not the next year.

Eventually the name chosen for the world itself was inspired by the starter town of Final Fantasy X RPG known as one of the more beautiful and peaceful locations within the game.

Besaid started off as a p20/10 and soon earned the slogan "Besaid the Beautiful" by the users of the world.

The Besaid Theme

The main focus of Besaid is giving tourists a home where they may feel safe.

Like in AWNewbie only tourists and staff may build within the world and they are encouraged to help make the decisions that determine what will happen with the world.

[quote=Nina Taru]The tourists love it there because they all help each other in an effort to create the community together.

Besaid is more of a community of people who work together to create a better world.[/quote]

Nina chose to base her world around tourists out of a desire to help them learn to build with each other as a group rather than alone stating group buildings are more appreciated rather than just one person building by themselves.


You can build whatever you like and the sky is quite literally the limit - just as long as you are a tourist or logged in as one. We will gladly accept citizens that are willing to log in as a tourist in order to build.

For our events we have weekly if not daily paintball and once every two weeks we hold competitions where tourists may win a citizenship.

There are more events on the way such as trivia, scavenger hunt, and hyperbuilds. Our prizes are usually citizenships for a certain length of time donated by the world.

We would gladly accept other donations to use as prizes if you are able to provide them.

Finally it is worth mentioning that we host our own private object path and we are always looking for more objects.

If you would like to donate any please contact me in Activeworlds called Nina Taru - and I will love you forever!

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