New Clan-Pack Products
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Activeworlds, Inc has expanded its offers range to include 2 new products available for a limited time.

Clan Pack

The Activeworlds Universe now offers clan packs, also known as 5-packs.

[rimg][/rimg]As the name describes this offer is based on a discount when buying a large number of citizenships at once with 5 available for $249.95 which works out as $49.95 per citizenship - a saving of $20 per citizenship or $100 off buying 5 citizenships individually.

The offer which was originally suggested by senior community figures including staff is intended to encourage groups of users to take up the Activeworlds platform from other environments such as MMORPGs.

You may purchase a 5 user Clan Pack by contacting Tom via email at

Custom Browser

In addition to Clan Packs Activeworlds, Inc has introduced a completely new product in Custom Browsers.

For $150.00 Activeworlds, Inc will compile a custom browser for the purchaser to use and redistribute as they wish. Should you wish to have your own themed browser you will be able to specify splash screen, icon, landing point and default settings.

While this product will have the smallest possible set of buyers in the community at large it may be of interest to world owners that have developed extensive self contained environments such as MMORPG worlds.

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