Tower of Terror Event
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Event Promotion of the Tower of Terror hosted by GSK in AWTeen.

The Hollywood Tower Hotel was the retreat for the rich and famous in Hollywood's Golden Age of the early 1900s. The luxurious Tip Top Club was no exception.

There were hundreds, if not thousands, of parties at the hotel's exclusive Tip Top Club.

Reservations for this popular club were made months in advance.

However, one event changed all that. In October of 1939, a freak lightning bolt struck the three front wings of the hotel, sending its guests, and elevator passengers, into
the Fifth Dimension, also known as The Twilight Zone.

[quote=Jaguar Hahn]I have never seen so many different effects in my life. It was the best light show I've ever seen. GSK revealed to me that the entire thing was custom. The music was grand, but the particles and lights clearly stunned everyone. By the time it was over, the entire crowd was shouting for an encore. It was that good.[/quote]

In 2008, The Government of AWTeen was contacted by an anonymous source looking to restore the hotel to its former glory. The Government, sometime soon after, set up a tour program, to allow new guests to explore the dilapidated hotel, and take a ride in the worn-down Service Elevator, to see what really happened that fateful night.

Join GSK for a night you won't soon forget, where history will repeat itself over and over again.


The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
Grand Opening Bash!

May 31, 2008
7:30pm VRT

For additional information, please visit, or contact GSK.

This article was provided by GSK

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