The Buildings of Babylon
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AWTeen Events presents The Buildings of Babylon Building Competition.

This competition will be the first that we have held in quite a while, and it will be running for 1 months time - and because it is such a long contest we have some really cool prizes including worlds, citizenship extensions and bot limit extensions!

[limg]/media/imglib_general/noble_dam.jpg[/limg]The Rules

The rules are simple, upon wikipedia 7 wonders you will find details of the recognized wonders of the ancient, medieval and modern worlds and the challenge of this competition is to create one of these amazing monuments within AWTeen.

Great Freedom

We have provided a large plot area per applicant, 4x the size of our common competition plots to really give you the freedom to produce excellent examples of your skill.

Competition Dates

This competition will begin this Monday, 19th of May. To register ahead of the initial launch please telegram Strike Rapier so I may select a group of users for around the competition GZ area.

To Enter

To enter the building competition please visit AWTeen, 0n 3500w and claim any plot not immediately adjacent to the center. If you have difficulty finding a plot please follow the instructions on joining the chat network and ask for assistance.

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